Subject Matter

Virginia Tax Review seeks to publish a wide variety of articles within the general ambit of tax law. We generally publish articles on American (state and federal) and international taxation, with a focus on relevant public policy issues. A sampling of our past issues can give a better idea of the types of articles that we normally accept for publication.

Who May Submit Works to VTR

While we generally publish the scholarship of academics, we also gladly accept submissions from practitioners. We accept submissions from both domestic and international authors. We also accept submissions from students for consideration for publication as a Note. A piece written during studies leading to either a J.D. or LL.M. will be considered for publication as a Note. Authors submitting Notes need not be students at the University of Virginia.

What to Submit

We ask that any submission contain the following three documents: 1) Draft of the submitted article 2) Curriculum vitae, including publishing history, and 3) Short cover letter with a brief explanation of the article and its contribution to the study of tax law.

Format and Length

Please submit the three documents identified above in Microsoft Word (.doc) format. Since any article selected must be re-formatted before publication, we do not mandate specifics as to formatting or length. Keep in mind, however, that length may be taken into account in our articles selection process. Also, Student Notes should generally be shorter than normal articles, but again there is no limit on length.

How to Submit

Direct submissions should be sent to They should contain the three documents specified above, and should contain the title “Attn: Articles Review Editor.” Submissions via Expresso or Scholastica will be automatically routed, but should contain the three documents specified above.

After Submission

Within 3 days, the author should receive an e-mail acknowledging receipt by the Articles Review Editors. If you have submitted a piece and do not receive confirmation, please do not hesitate to send an e-mail to asking for confirmation. As Virginia Tax Review is a student-run publication, the Articles Review process varies depending on the law school schedule. The process will take longer during exam time and while classes are not in session. If, after submitting your article to Virginia Tax Review, you receive an expiring offer from another publication and require expedited service, please notify us immediately. We are usually able to accommodate expedite requests.