Over 30 Years of Excellence

The Virginia Tax Review is one of the oldest student-run law journals at the University of Virginia School of Law. The journal focuses primarily on issues of federal and international taxation from an academic viewpoint. We are one of the top tax specialty journals and compete against peer-edited journals, such as NYU’s Tax Law Review and the Florida Tax Review. Our published authors teach at many of the country’s top-ranked law schools and are frequently among the Top 25 Tax Professors named by the Tax Prof Blog.

The Virginia Tax Review was founded in the Spring of 1980 by George Howell and Donald Delson and published its first issue in the Spring of 1981. The Virginia Tax Review received its initial funding from Mortimer Caplin of Caplin and Drysdale. The journal currently publishes four issues a year.

Currently in Print: Volume 35, Number 01, Summer 2015

  • Improperly Burdened: The Uncertain and Sometimes Unfair Application of Tax Penalties
  • Giving Credit Where it is Due: Rethinking the Corporate Tax Paradigm (note)
    • Montano Cabezas
  • The Internal Revenue Service and Bitcoin: A Taxing Relationship (note)
    • Elizabeth E. Lambert
  • Tax Exemption, Public Policy, and Discriminatory Fraternities (Special Feature)