The first Space Sciences Symposium at the University of Virginia will bring together researchers from five departments (Astronomy, Environmental Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, and Engineering) as well as the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in an effort to foster collaboration and bring new insights.

The  Symposium will take place on February 20th, in the Kaleidoscope Room in Newcomb Hall, from approximately 9am to 2pm. The schedule will be finalized on February 1st (after abstracts have been submitted for the poster session). Refreshments will be provided throughout the day.

8:30-9:00         Breakfast, coffee

Oral Session I:
9:10-9:40          Anne Verbiscer: Exploring Icy Worlds in the Outer Solar System
9:40-10:10       Alan Howard: Modeling Icy Satellite Landform Evolutions
10:10-10:40     Peter Arnold: Why is there something rather than nothing?

10:40-11:20     Poster Session I and coffee

Oral Session II:
11:20-11:50     Al Wootten: Exploring the Universe with the NRAO Telescopes
11:50-12:20     Robert Johnson: Plasma-induced Evolution of Atmospheres and Surfaces
12:20-12:50     Eric Herbst: The Formation of Organic Molecules in Dense Interstellar Clouds

12:50-2:00       Posters Session II and lunch



Please feel free to contact Alex Morgan with any questions.


Header image credits:
NASA. Solar Dynamics Observatory
Cassini mission. NASA/JPL-Caltech/SSI
ESO La Silla Observatory, Chile
NASA/ESA: Hubble Legacy Archive