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UCARE Student Research:

UVa Students created this website about Jordan Hall. 

  • Jordan Hall was named after Harvey E. Jordan. A medical professor, the dean of the University of Virginia’s School of Medicine, and a prominent Eugenicist, Jordan was a controversial figure. We hope to promote truth and awareness about Harvey E. Jordan. Jordan is a part of the university’s history, therefore we feel that it is important for our university community to know both the positive and negative aspects that Jordan contributed.

Independent Study students in Spring 2011 contributed greatly to UCARE by compiling research on a variety of subjects of their choosing and writing formal research papers on those topics.  Other student work by UCARE interns is included here as well. Below are some of those papers.

UCARE’s Nonprofit List

Another area of need identified in our community meetings is for a “clearinghouse” of information about existing organizations and projects in the community engaged in promoting equity and justice. UCARE agreed to begin this process by organizing area groups’ names, mission statements, programs, and contact information into one document. This list is in the preliminary stages, but is currently being used by the Dialogue on Race action teams. This list will be continually added to as we hear from groups and learn more. This list is currently being managed by UCARE and is available here: UCARE Non-Profit List: June2010 (.pdf). If you have an organization that you would like to see added to the list, please let us know by emailing the staff account with all relevant information: ucarestaff@gmail.com.