Charlottesville Resources


Charlottesville Commission on Human Rights, Diversity, and Race Relations
Officially and unofficially, Charlottesville moves ahead with “dialogue on race”: CVILLE Weekly, Feb2009 (.pdf)
Family had historic housing impact: Daily Progress Apr2008 (.pdf)
A long and winding road: City residents recall integration battles: The Hook, Apr2004 (.pdf)
City Council Apology Resolution: Daily Progress, Oct2009 (.pdf)
Talk to him: Activist scoffs at racial tension plan: The Hook, Jan2009 (.pdf)
“Hate on the Holiday” The HooK News: Jan.22.2004
The Echo of Vinegar Hill: CVILLE Weekly Dec.5.2007
Public Housing in Charlottesville:  The Black Experience in a Small Southern City (1989)
Orange Dot Project Cville Poverty 2011
“Cville:  City struggles with legacy of Dialogue on Race” (2012)


Charlottesville Dialogue on Race

A city-wide movement to engage every segment of Charlottesville community in an open, honest, on-going discussion of race, racism and diversity, to identify problems, and propose concrete solutions and a path to action that promote racial reconciliation, economic justice and equity. Through study circles led by trained, neutral facilitators, each dialogue group meets weekly for six weeks. Once the dialogue portion finishes, action ideas will be submitted to the Dialogue on Race Steering Committee, who will begin the action phase of the initiative.

History of Vinegar Hill

A brief urban history of Vinegar Hill, part of a research paper by Kenneth A. Schwartz and made available online. The history draws from early 19th century accounts, and specifically addressing socioeconomic demographics, structural landmarks, significance for the African-American community, and role in Charlottesville’s “urban renewal” campaign.

Vinegar Hill: A MemoryScape

Great interactive website.  A visualization of a 1960’s Charlottesville, VA urban renewal project. This includes an Interactive querying of Vinegar Hill property appraisals and a timeline of aerials and news from 1954-1992.


This digital history website was created by Dr. Lynn Rainville to share information about Albemarle County History (including the City of Charlottesville, Virginia).