Get Involved

Here are some ways to get involved with UCARE and to support the work of Racial Reconciliation in Charlottesville:

  • Read UCARE’s Call for Reflection and Action available on our website
  • Request to be added to the UCARE’s email list at
  • Support one of UCARE’s action group
  •  Co-sponsor an event with UCARE.
  • Take the UVa Guide Service’s “History of African Americans” Tour
  • Visit Monticello for one of its “Plantation and Slavery” exhibition
  • Read about the racial history of Charlottesville
  •  Participate in Charlottesville’s Dialogue on Race
  • Talk with others both on and off the UVa campus about Charlottesville’s racial history
  • Consider your cultural heritage – the legacy it has left and the one it is creating.
  • Examine your own biases. What biased messages have you been conditioned to believe (overtly and subtlety) about people    different from yourself?
  • Participate in cultural competency training
  •  Use your creative talents to tell the story of UVa’s racial history and to engage people in dialogue about it
  • Share the results of your research on the Charlottesville community at UVa and with the community itself.
  • Include UVa and Charlottesville racial history in classes that you teach. Engage your students in discussions on that history’s effect on the present and how inequalities can be addressed.
  • Develop authentic partnerships between the University of Virginia and the greater Charlottesville community in which the community defines its own needs.
  • Attend events both on and off the University of Virginia campus that focus on race and/or celebrate cultures outside of your own.
  • Stay informed about present-day issues related to racial inequality and advocate for the rights of those who have been historically marginalized.


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