Research Themes

Much of the research discussed below has been collected in the Call for Reflection and Action; we are soliciting feedback and input on our findings.  Please read it and comment!

From the beginning, one of UCARE’s goals has been to help identify specific policy changes around key topics emphasized by community members. The format of this information is currently in development, but our goal is to prepare a policy document that catalogs a.) the historical context of this topic at UVA, b.) contemporary reasons that emphasize the need for change, and c.) the change request. We hope to employ the expertise of those involved at UVA and community members to inform the development of these documents and crafting the change request. We will be approaching dozens of people in the fall of 2010 to help guide us in this effort. Our current topics, developed at our October 2009 Roundtable Session, include the following:

  • Economic and Hiring Practices
  • UVA Medical Center
  • Housing
  • Internal Diversity Processes
  • University and State/Lobbying for Change
  • Community Outreach & Interaction for Equity and Social Justice

If you or someone you know is interested in supporting this effort, or has similar resources and would be willing to collaborate with us, please contact us at: