“Race and Repair” Class

The University gives rigorous academic attention to a wide variety of subjects; why not its own and Charlottesville’s own racialized history?  In response to this need, UCARE participants designed a class to educate both University students and Charlottesville residents about our collective history and to bring people together from different walks of life.

In Spring 2010, UCARE joined Charlottesville’s Quality Community Council in sponsoring a  class cross-listed in the History, Urban Planning, and Architectural History departments called “University of Virginia History: Race and Repair”  HIUS 4591/PLAN 4500/ARH 4500.  The class focused on  “the university and the surrounding community of Charlottesville with a special emphasis on issues of race.  Students will explore the history of the University from its founding and construction to the late twentieth century, exploring both the documented history and the community’s perception of that history” (from the syllabus).  The class was co-taught by U.Va. professors Dr. Frank Dukes and Dr. Phyllis Leffler and Karen Waters of the Charlottesville Quality Community Council (QCC).  Importantly, the class was open to U.Va. students as well as Charlottesville residents.  UCARE saw the class as an overwhelming success.  The complete syllabus is available here: Syllabus-01-19-10-Race and Repair.

The class is being offered again in the Spring of 2012 and is open to U.Va. students and Charlottesville residents. The focus this spring is more looking inwards at the University  about what would constitute actions of repair. It is titled “University of Virginia History: Race and Repair” and is cross listed under PLAN 4500, ARH 4500, HIUS 4591 in the U.Va. course directory.  It is being held Tuesday, 3:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Please email Frank Dukes at frankdukes@virginia.edu or Phyllis Leffler at pleffler@virginia.edu with any questions about how to enroll.  A prospectus is available here: LeflerDukes2012OnePage