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Learn more about the President's Commission on Slavery and the University's efforts in memorializing enslaved laborers.

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Community Actions

Explore the profound history of Virginia and current community strides towards better racial relations.

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Read past and recent newsletters highlighting the actions of the Community and University for social awareness and justice.

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Greetings! the UCARE site is undergoing review and revision! In the meantime you can still catch up on the (almost always) weekly news. We look forward to the changes coming later this Fall.


The University and Community Action for Racial Equity (UCARE) is dedicated to helping the University of Virginia and the Charlottesville communities work together to understand the University’s role in slavery, racial segregation, and discrimination and to find ways to address and repair the legacy of those harms, particularly as they relate to present day disparities. To that end, UCARE participants represent a broad cross-section of community members and University students, staff and faculty. We hope that our efforts at working collaboratively across sometimes polarized divides represent positive steps towards truth, understanding, repair and authentic relationship. We aim to do all of this while staying true to our vision and our mission, which are explained below. 

“[Public culture] … will never be truly reformed, I argue, unless
the past we ought to mourn is mourned in fact, in public, and in a
context of concrete gestures and measures that put the past behind us
in our very act of confronting it.” Donald Shriver, Honest Patriots


Call for Reflection and Action

We are pleased to announce the public release of our most recent project, a report entitled the “Call for Reflection and Action!”  This report describes what we have learned to date about the history and legacy of slavery, segregation and discrimination, as well as efforts to confront those wrongs, as they apply to the University of Virginia and the surrounding community.  Besides sharing what we have learned from dozens of interviews and meetings, it contains specific actions that everyone can take to address today’s problems. We consider this document to be our most important project to date and we are currently soliciting feedback on our findings.  Please read it and comment, criticize, suggest actions, or tell your story!


Our Vision

  • To understand and remedy the University’s legacy of slavery, segregation and discrimination within and outside of the University.

Our Mission Statement

  • Listen to and learn from community members who have lived and experienced those legacies.
  • Effectively communicate and raise understanding of this legacy within the University of Virginia as well as impacted communities.
  • Be a catalyst to generate commitment and actions that promote racial justice, equity, and reconciliation.