Final Exam open thread…

Let’s use this post to aggregate questions, concerns, etc. about the final exam.  If there is sufficient reason to organize a review session on Friday of this week, we will do that.  Otherwise, be sure to check the “Exams” page for an exam review table (which is under construction), and post any comments or questions here.

8 Responses to “Final Exam open thread…”

  1. sh4px says:

    Review session would be nice

  2. plg8e says:

    Im not sure if im missing something… but I wanted to make sure… the info on the exam has not been updated on the “EXAMS” page yet? I think that helped organize my studying alot for the other tests

  3. arr4a says:

    What do we need to know about superposition in 4.3? And do we need to cover St. Venant’s Principle?

  4. bsw5n says:

    Are the solutions to the tests we took this semester posted anywhere? I cannot seem to find them if they are!

  5. tts2q says:

    Should we still expect a review table…?

  6. tts2q says:

    If not it would be useful to have access to the tables you gave us for exams 1 and 2.

  7. lrg5j says:

    The info under EXAMS is still for exam 3. I realize it’s kind of late now, but it would be extremely helpful to either have review problems, a practice test, or the solutions to the previous exams

  8. plg8e says:

    Do we need to know mohr’s circle? I know its good to know, but I know the formulas pretty well, so unless a question specifically asks for it, I wouldnt need it.

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