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Interview with Ilya Kukulin About the Trends of the Modern Russian Literature

“If literature has a social function, it is, perhaps, to show man his optimal parameters, his spiritual maximum. On that score, the metaphysical man of Dostoyevsky’s novels is of greater value than (Mr. Kundera’s) wounded rationalist, however modern and however … Continue reading

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Chasing the Black Hen or Phantasmagoria in the Provincial City

Discussing the “New Epic” in Contemporary Russian Poetry In an interview with “Vrijj Nederlands” in 1982 describing Russian poetry, Joseph Brodsky mentioned that in his opinion, there were only two outstanding poets left (Eugenii Rein and Yurii Kublanovsky – E.D.): … Continue reading

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Russian Literature in XXI Century: New Directions?

In the explosive, unpredictable world of contemporary Russian literature at the beginning of the 21st century, there appeared a phenomenon of non-commercial literature that became more visible and more attractive to readers then the traditional readings of the 90s – … Continue reading

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