Short List –  2014

Sergei Shargunov

Sergei Shargunov

Sergei Shargunov, 1993 (13 points)

Pavel Krusanov, Царь головы (“Tsar of  His Own  Head”), 10 points

Ksenia Buksha, Завод “Свобода (“The “Freedom” Factory”), 9 points

Vladimir Sharov, Возвращение в Египет (“Return to Egypt“), 8 points

Marat Basyrov, Печатная машина (“The Typewriter”), 6 points

         Vladimir Sorokin,  Теллурия (“Tellurium”), 6 points

Short List – 2013

figl-miglFiggle-Miggle Wins National Bestseller Award – 2013


Maxim Kantor, Red Light  (Максим Кантор,”Красный свет“,10 баллов)

Evgeny Vodolazkin , Laurus (Евгений Водолазкин, “Лавр”, 7 баллов)

Ildar Abuziarov, Mutabor  (Ильдар Абузяров,”Мутабор“, 6 баллов)

Sofia Kupriashina, Viewseeker  (Софья Купряшина, “Видоискательница“, 6 баллов)

Olga Pogodina-Kuzmina, The Power of the Dead (Ольга ПогодинаКузмина, “Власть мертвых“, 5 баллов)

Figgle-Miggle, Wolves and Bears (ФигльМигль,”Волки и медведи“, 5 баллов)


“Немцы   (“Germans”) by Alexander Terekhov won the National Bestseller Award 2012!

Short List  2012

Alexander Terekhov, “Немцы   (“Germans”) – 12 points.

From the publishers:“The main character in the novel “Germans” Eberhard, head of the press-center at one of the city’s districts is the clever and ironic, skeptical official who knows the laws of the bureaucratic elite. However, this conformist’s position suddenly turns into a sudden collapse of a career. His personal life is also difficult as he struggles to keep  his daughter from  first marriage…   Sharp satire of manners brought up to the limit.  The abstract idea of “a family as caring for each other” community is expressed with remarkable candor .”..

Vladimir Lidskii,Русский садизм” ( Russian Sadism )  – 7 points.

Vladimir Lorchenkov,“Копи Царя Соломона (King Solomon’s Mines) – 7 points

Marina Stepnova, “Женщины Лазаря” (The Women of Lazarus)  – 7 points.

The Women of Lazarus” by Marina Stepnova is  an unusual family saga from the beginning of the century to the present day. This is a novel about the great love and great-not love.


Sergei Nosov ,” Франсуаза, или Путь к леднику (Francoise, or the way  to the glacier) – 6 points.

Anna Starobinets ,“Живущий” (The Living One ) – 6 points.

The winner will be announced in June.


The 2011 National Bestseller Award was given to author Dmitry Bykov  for his novel “Ostromov, or the Sorcerer’s Apprentice,” set in Leningrad, as Petersburg was formerly known.  Bykov will receive $10,000 for his novel, which is the final book in a trilogy,  following “Justification” and “Orthography.” Bykov already won an award in  2006 for his book “Boris Pasternak.” This year,  the National Bestseller Award celebrated its 10th anniversary.


On May 29, Zakhar Prilepin won the SuperNatsBest — a special version of the National Bestseller prize worth $100,000 — for his novel in short stories “ Sin.” The SuperNatsBest shortlist consisted of NatsBest winners from the past 10 years. Prilepin won that award in 2008.






Past Winners

Eduard Kochergin.  Baptism of the Cross

Andrey Gelasimov.  Steppe Gods

Zahar Prilepin.  The Sin

Ilia Boyasov. Path of Moori

Dmitry Bykov. Boris Pasternak

Mikhail Shishkin. Venus Hair

Victor Pelevin.DPP.NN. The Dialectics of the Transition Period.(From Nowhere to no Place).

Garros-Evdokimov. The Head-breaking

Alexander Prohanov. Mr. Hexogen

Leonid Yusefovich. Prince of the Wind

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