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Everyday Saints and Other Stories

Readers voted:  Everyday Saints and Other Stories by Archimandrite Tikhon (Shevkunov) has won Russia’s highly prestigious Big Book literary award for the most popular book in 2012.

Author Daniil Granin Receives Big Book Award 

November 28,2012

Russkiy Mir Foundation Information Service

The prominent Russian writer Daniil Granin has been awarded  the Big Book Prize.  It was given for his novel My Lieutenant, which shows WW2 through the eyes of a soldier posted on the frontlines,  Voice of Russia reports.

The second prize (silver) went to Alexander Kabakov and Evgeny Popov for their book Aksyonov. Third place (bronze) went to Marina Stepnova for Lazarus’s Women.

Daniil Granin was also presented with the Honor and Dignity Award.

The readers’ choice awards went to Marina Stepanova (Lazarus’s Women), Maria Galina (Mole-Crickets) and Archimandrite Tikhon (“Unsaintly Saints” and Other Stories). Other authors on the short list for the Big Book prize were Alexander Grigorenko, Vladimir Gubailovsky, Andrei Dmitriev, Vladimir Makanin, Sergei Nosov, Valerii Popov, Zakhar Prilepin, Andrei Rubanov and Lena Eltang.

Russian Booker Prize

October 3, 2012.

At a press conference at the hotel Golden Ring  a short list of six finalists for the best novel was announced:

1.Marina Akhmedova. Дневник смертницы. Хадижа. (Diary of a Death Girl. Khadizha.)М.: АСТ-Астрель, 2011

2. Andrei Dmitriev.Крестьянин и тинейджер (The Peasant and the Teenager).М.: Время, 2012.
3. Evgenii Popov.Арбайт, или Широкое полотно. (Arbeit, or A Wide Canvas). М.: Астрель, 2012.
4. Olga Slavnikova.Легкая голова. (Light Head) М.: ж-л «Знамя», №№ 9-10, 2010

5. Marina Stepnova.Женщины Лазаря. (Lazarus’s Women) М.: Астрель, 2011
6. Aleksandr Terekhov.Немцы.  (The Germans ) М.: Астрель, 2012

Russian Booker Long List – 2012

1.Marina Akhmedova. Дневник смертницы. Хадижа. (Diary of a Death Girl. Khadizha.)М.: АСТ-Астрель, 2011
2. Iurii Buida.Синяя кровь (Blue Blood). М.: Эксмо, 2011, ж-л «Знамя, № 3, 2011
3. Dmitrii Bykov. Остромов, или Ученик чародея. (Ostromov, or the Sorcerer’s Apprentice).М.: ПРОЗАиК, 2010
4. Valerii Bylinskii.Адаптация. (Adaptation) .М.: АСТ-Астрель, 2011
5. Andrei Volos. Предатель (The Traitor).М.: Эксмо, 2011
6 Iakov Gordin. Солдат и его империя. (The Soldier and His Empire). СПб.: Vita Nova, 2012
7. Georgii Davydov.Крысолов. (The Rat Catcher).М.: ж-л «Знамя», №№ 1-2, 2012
8. Andrei Dmitriev.Крестьянин и тинейджер (The Peasant and the Teenager).М.: Время, 2012
9. Oleg Zaionchkovskii. Загул (The Drinking Binge).М.: Астрель, 2011
10. Aleksandr Ilichevskii.Анархисты. (The Anarchists). М.: Астрель, 2012
11. Nikolai Kryshchuk. Ваша жизнь больше не прекрасна (Your Life Is No Longer Beautiful). М.: Время, 2012
12. Anatolii Kurchatkin. Полет шмеля. (The Flight of the Bumblebee). М.: Время, 2012
13. Eduard Limonov. В Сырах (In Syryh). СПб.: Издательство К. Тублина, 2012
14. Aleksandr Melikhov: И нет им воздаяния (They Get No Recompense).  М.: ж-л «Новый мир», №№ 2-3, 2012
15. Sergei Nosov.Франсуаза, или Путь к леднику.(Françoise, Or the Way to the Glacier )М.: Астрель, 2012
16. Valerii Popov. Плясать досмерти .(To Dance to Death). М.: ж-л «Октябрь», № 11, 2011
17. Evgenii Popov.Арбайт, или Широкое полотно. (Arbeit, or A Wide Canvas). М.: Астрель, 2012
18. Zakhar Prilepin.Черная обезьяна. (The Black Monkey. М.: Астрель, 2011
19. Olga Slavnikova.Легкая голова. (Light Head) М.: ж-л «Знамя», №№ 9-10, 2010
20. Aleksei Slapovskii.Большая книга перемен .(The Big Book of Changes) М.: Астрель, 2011
21. Marina Stepnova.Женщины Лазаря. (The Woman of Lazarus/Lazarus’s Women) М.: Астрель, 2011
22. Aleksandr Terekhov.Немцы.  (The Germans ) М.: Астрель, 2012
23. Aleksei Chepelov.Перед Европой. (Before Europe) СПб.: Алетейя, 2011
24. Viktor Iagofarov . Проект «Первый кирпич». (The “First Brick” Project) Киров: ПД «Вятка», 2012

Big Book Short List – May 2012

  • Maria Galina: Медведки (Mole-Crickets)
  • Daniil Granin: Мой лейтенант… (My Lieutenant…)
  • Aleksandr Grigorenko: Мэбэт. История человека тайги (Mebet. The Story of a Person from the Taiga)
  • Vladimir Gubailovsky: Учитель цинизма (The Teacher of Cynicism)
  • Andrei Dmitriev: Крестьянин и тинейджер (The Peasant and the Teenager)
  • Aleksandr Kabakov, Evgenii Popov: Аксёнов (Aksyonov)
  • Vladimir Makanin: Две сестры и Кандинский (Two Sisters and Kandinsky)
  • Sergei Nosov: Франсуаза, или Путь к леднику (Françoise, Or the Way to the Glacier)
  • Valerii Popov: Плясать досмерти (To Dance to Death)
  • Zakhar Prilepin: Чёрная обезьяна (The Black Monkey)
  • Andrei Rubanov: Стыдные подвиги (Shameful Feats/Exploits)
  • Marina Stepnova: Женщины Лазаря (The Women of Lazarus/Lazarus’s Women)
  • Archimandrite Tikhon (Shevkunov): «Несвятые святые» и другие рассказы (“Unsaintly Saints” and Other Stories)
  • Lena Eltang: Другие барабаны (Other Drums)


Global Market Forum 2012 sheds light on principal emerging market in the fast globalization of the book

Norwalk, CT, March 28, 2012:  Russia, rich in literary tradition and known for being one of the most well-read societies, has a robust publishing industry and a growing digital audience.  Analysts estimate that the valuable Russian marketplace has consumer sales of $3.3 billion and is home to a diverse group of authors and dynamic publishing programs, offered by large, medium and independent publishing houses.  Russian publishers, authors and booksellers are finding new readers, new partnerships and they are creating an international buzz.

BEA’s Global Market Forum Read Russia – a one-day conference on Monday, June 4, 2012 – offers an exciting and broad publishing agenda that will introduce, inform and ignite interest in Russian publishing. Expert speakers, including the CEOs of the largest Russian publishers and distributors, will share their knowledge and insight on everything Russian, with sessions focused on writing and translation, educational and digital publishing, intellectual properties and copyright issues.

Under the headline of Read Russia, the professional program of the Global Market Forum will be further expanded by a rich cultural program between June 1 to June 8, across New York City.  Sponsored by the Russian Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communication, the far reaching festival offers audiences outside the BookExpo America community the opportunity to engage in a cross-cultural dialogue with the new generation of Russia’s literary leaders and newsmakers.

Media release

Elena Chizhova presents the book Time of Women at London Book Fair in 2011. Academia Rossica picture

Russia will be the Guest of Honor at BookExpo America’s Global Market Forum in 2012 in New York.

In recognition of the growing publishing industry and book market in Russia which  releases on average 120,000 titles per year, Russia will be the Guest of Honor at BookExpo America‘s Global Market Forum in 2012 in New York.  Academia Rossica, a London based  Russian Art and Culture Foundation and initiative for the promotion of Russian literature internationally, will co-sponsor the Russian delegation of 40+ authors as well as a delegation of booksellers and librarians.


Photo by Alexis Robertson



Attention Translators

A new grants programme by Russkiy Mir coordinated by Academia Rossica

The Russkiy Mir Foundation (Moscow), the Russian Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications and Academia Rossica (London) announce the start of the new grants programme for the translation of contemporary Russian literature into English.

Read Russia
September 30th, 2011. Frankfurt.

Steven Rosato, Director of BookExpo America and Vladimir Grigoriev, Deputy Director of Russian Federal Agency for Press & Mass Communications announced the launch of Read Russia, a worldwide campaign to introduce Russian literature, writers, and publishing houses to the global publishing community. It   will culminate in New York at BookExpo America (BEA) in June 2012.  Next year will feature the largest cultural delegation of Russian authors and publishing professionals ever assembled to visit North America.

 November 2011

Andrey   Bely Prize

On November 1st,  in St. Petersburg  was announced a short list of the oldest independent literary prize of Russia – Andrey Bely Prize. The prize consisted of a single  ruble. Despite it, the prize quickly became a major phenomenon of Russian literary life and one of the most prestigious  awards.  Andrei Bely Prize today  seeks to take into account the priorities of aesthetic innovation and experimentation, stimulating that the  line of Russian  literature in which Andrei Bely  wrote,  has a special place. The award is designed to focus on the authors and  the principles of radical innovations of artistic forms. Announcement of the winners of this year will be held in Moscow, at the  Non / fiction Fair.

2011 Nominations in Poetry

● Paulina Barskova  (Amherst, USA), “Report of Ariel.” Moscow: NLO, 2011;
● Alla Gorbunova   (St. Petersburg), “Manhole wine.” Moscow: Russian Gulliver / Center of Contemporary Literature, 2010;
● Vladimir Ermolaev (Riga), “Tribute and homage.” M.: The Cultural Revolution, 2011;
● Vasilii Lomakin (Washington, USA), “Flowers in the album“;
● Andrey Polyakov (Simferopol), “Chinese descent.” M.:  New Publishing House, 2010; “Radio” Last Europe ‘;
● Alexei Porvin (St. Petersburg), “Poems.” Moscow: NLO, 2011;
● Ilia Rissenberg (Kiev), “A third of the two.

2011 Nominations in Prose

● Nicholai Bytov (Moscow), “Think what you say.” M.: Colibri, 2011;
● Igor Golubentsev (St. Petersburg), “Point of Jie.” M.: Memories, 2010;
● Vladimir Mikhailov (Bishkek), “Russian sadism” (manuscript);
● Alexander Markin (Zurich), “Diary. 2006-2011 “. Tver, Kolonna Publications, 2011;
● Denis Osokin (Kazan), “Oatmeal.” M.: Colibri, 2011;
● Pavel  Pepperstein (Moscow), “Prague’s  night.” St Petersburg.: Amphora, 2011, Spring. M.: Ad Marginem, 2010;
● Maria Rybakova (San Diego, USA), “Gnedich.” Vremia, 2011.

National Big Book Prize 2011

On  November 29nd  at midnight in Moscow were announced the results of the vote for the National Big Book Prize and People’s Choice.

Picture by Academia Rossica

The highest estimate of the readers and  the Big Book Prize  got the novel  Pismovnik  by Mikhail Shishkin.   At the  second  place was Vladimir Sorokin for  Blizzard , the third – Dmitry Bykov’s novel  Ostromov, or  the Sorcerer‘s Apprentice.
Among finalists  was the novel  Blue Blood by Yuri Buida. The voting  for people’s choice was completed on the site  In addition, at the same site you have the access to the texts of the books of finalists in Russian.

December 2011

Russian Booker of the Decade  2001-2010
On December 1, 2011  at a ceremony in the hotel  Golden Ring was announced the name of the  winner for best novel in Russian, published in 2001-2010.

Alexander Chudakov ( 1938-2005)  won Booker of the Decade, posthumously, for Ложится мгла на старые ступени ( finalist in 2001).

Winners of the Andrey Bely Prize in 2011

On  December 2,2011  at a press conference  in Moscow the Andrei Bely Prize Committee announced the winners of 2011:

Winner in the nomination  Poetry:

Andrey Polyakov (Simferopol), Chinese descent. M.: A New Publishing House, 2010;


Wiiner in the nomination  Prose:
Nikolai Bytov  (Moscow). Think what you say. M.: Colibri, 2011;

Translations of Nikolai Baitov’s  poems  in Cardinal Points


The New Russian Literature Arrives to American Cities

Non-profit Causa Artium together with the Debut Prize works  to bring a group of Russia’s  young writers to America:Alisa Ganieva, Dmitry Biryukov, Irina Bogatyreva and Igor Savelyev.

Picture by  Causa Artium

National Bestseller 2012 Long List

On February 7th  the long listNational Bestseller-2012 was published. Forty five nominations  are included.  The big jury within two months will draw up a shortlist of six works for final consideration.

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