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Elena Dimov holds a Ph.D. in history from the Russian Academy of Sciences. Her specialties include Russian culture and literature. She has also taught Russian Language at UVA. She is currently working on a study of Russian poetry in the late twentieth century and developing the bibliography of current Russian prose and poetry

The New Russian Literature

One of our goals is to introduce the new Russian literature to readers in America. Despite the appearance of many talented new authors, only a few of them have had works translated into English and become known to the western … Continue reading

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Contemporary Russian Poetry in Translation

 We continue our series of contemporary Russian poetry in translation. One of the early masterpieces of Joseph Brodsky was  written in the transit prison after his infamous trial in 1964. The translation of this poem was submitted at the first … Continue reading

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The Librarian by Mikhail Elizarov

Mikhail Elizarov was born in 1973 in Ivano-Frankovsk, Ukraine and could hardly remember the Soviet epoch of the generation of his parents and grand-parents. However, in 2007 this young writer wrote a book which would come to be associated with … Continue reading

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Many Talents of Dmitrii Bykov

Dmitrii Bykov is one of the most prominent contemporary Russian writers but he is still not known in the West. In 2006  Bykov won the National Bestseller Prize for his book “Boris Pasternak . He became the winner of the … Continue reading

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Next generation of Russian classics

  Recently, I heard  many questions about whom to consider the best contemporary writer among the new generation of Russian writers. It is always risky to make a prediction  for the future. What the writers themselves think? From the interview … Continue reading

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Provincial Russia by Maria Stepanova

Among many voices of  young contemporary Russian poets, the poetry of Maria Stepanova is one of the most intriguing. Her first major collection Songs of Northern Southerners       (2001) was so unusual, that the critics immediately called her poetic style a … Continue reading

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Vladimir Vysotsky

  “But I am certain of what is false and what is sacred, I understood it all a long time ago. My way is straight, just straight, guys, And luckily there is no other choice!” -Vladimir Vysotsky   Vladimir Vysotsky … Continue reading

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The Magnificent Garden of Brodsky

“Listen, my boon brethren and my enemies! What I’ve done, I’ve done not for fame or memories In this era of radio-waves and cinemas, But for the sake of my native tongue and letters !” 1972 —  Joseph Brodsky Translated … Continue reading

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Remembering Joseph Brodsky

                                                        After Two Years By Joseph  Brodsky Translated by Margarita Dimova No, we did not grow mute or older. We speak our own words, as before, And our coats are the same dark color, And the same women do not … Continue reading

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Welcome to Contemporary Russian Literature at the University of Virginia. Contemporary Russian Literature started in the summer of 2011. The goal of this ongoing project is to introduce the works of modern Russian writers to readers, students and scholars alike, interested … Continue reading

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