Welcome to Contemporary Russian Literature at the University of Virginia. Contemporary Russian Literature started in the summer of 2011. The idea was initiated at the gathering of a group of Slavic specialists  and graduate students at the University of Virginia united by a deep interest in Russian literature.  Among them were Greg Tilton Jr., now New Orleans filmmaker, Dr. Elena Dimov, at that time Slavic Librarian Bud Woodward, Prof. Margarita Nafpaktitis, now at UCLA, and graduate student Michael Marsh-Soloway.

 The goal of this ongoing project is to introduce the works of modern Russian writers to readers, students and scholars alike, interested in finding out about the happenings in the exciting world of modern Russian literature.

The changing publishing landscape in Russia and the entrance of Russia into the modern literary world has created an unprecedented challenge to readers of Russian literature – the emergence of many talented young writers in Russia, previously unknown. Their names have only begun to be recognized by Western readers, but the magnitude and the quality of the new literary wave from Russia exceeds all expectations.  It is difficult to speculate whether the appearance of these new talents will match the literary genius of the past, but it is obvious that the fresh, new voices of the younger generation of Russian poets and writers have become much more visible today

Our goal is to make their names known to the university community and to evoke interest among all generations of  readers as well as to provide reviews and textual examples of new Russian literature. Our hope is to become a place where readers can find translations and reviews of modern Russian writers. 

The partnership with UVA’s Sciences, Humanities & Arts Network Technological Initiatives (SHANTI) has provided valuable assistance and guidance.

For more information about UVA contemporary Russian literature collection, or to present translations and reviews please contact Elena Dimov or Michael Marsh-Soloway. 





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