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Corcoran Department of Philosophy, The University of Virginia
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    Tuesday, November 17th, 2009


    Rebecca Stangl is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Virginia, specializing in contemporary virtue ethics and bioethics.  Recent and forthcoming essays include:

    • “Neo-Aristotelian Supererogation,” Ethics, forthcoming.
    • “Cultural Relativity and the Justification of the Virtues,” in Nancy Snow, ed. The Oxford Handbook of Virtue (Oxford: Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2015.)
    • “Taking Moral Risks Virtuously,” in Christian Miller, ed. The Character Project: New Perspectives in Psychology, Philosophy, and Theology (Oxford: Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2014).
    • “Particularism”, “Thick Ethical Property”, and “Trolley Problem,” in Robert Audi, ed. The Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy, 3rd Edition (Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2012).
    • “Asymmetrical Virtue Particularism,” Ethics, 121: 1 (October 2010): 37-57.
    • “Selective Termination and Respect for the Disabled,” The Journal of Medicine and Philosophy, 35:1 (February 2010) 32-45. (Published Online: December 24, 2009.)
    • “Plan B and the Doctrine of Double Effect,” Hastings Center Report, 39:4 (July 2009) 21-25.
    • “A Dilemma for Particularist Virtue Ethics,” Philosophical Quarterly, 58:233 (October 2008) 665-678. (Published Online: November 5, 2007.)
    • “Particularism and the Point of Moral Principles,” Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, 9:2 (April 2006) 201-229.

    She is currently at work on a book called Neither Heroes nor Saints: Neo-Aristotelian Self-Cultivation.  This research was supported by a grant from The Character Project at Wake Forest University, sponsored by the Templeton Foundation.  She was also a recipient of The University of Virginia’s 2012 All-University Teaching Award.