Update on Coming Changes in Recon@

Data cleanup effort is underway! The two-part process involves technical changes to the data source (ODS) that will remove projects previously identified as problems. This effort will correct data for Oct-12 and future months, and will be implemented Oct 1.

The second part of this process involves the removal of these projects from the Oct-11 through Sep-12 data. This effort is currently underway, and will continue after the Oct 1 implementation mentioned above. The anticipated completion date is Dec 31.

As part of the Oct 1 implementation we will be changing a column heading on the Welcome screen. The percentage column title “Success/Timely” will be changed to “Percent Complete” to properly reflect the calculation of the overall completion rate. A second column will be added at a future date to calculate the percentage of reconciliations completed on time.

(Note: If this sounds familiar these are the speaking points that Lynne Schwar used at the September Fiscal Administrator’s meeting. Thanks for the notes Lynne!)

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