Role Assignments in Recon@UVa

This month there have been some issues with role assignments in Recon@UVa, especially for Principal Investigators and Fiscal Contacts on sponsored program (grant) projects. The steps we have taken so far to remedy this situation are:

  • no longer withhold Recon@UVa access for users that have not been paid by the University for over 30 days, which had affected 132 users
  • manually truncate the user┬átable to ensure that user data was completely refreshed

Please report to us if you do not have appropriate access to your accounts or if you have access to accounts that you do not believe should be assigned to you. Thanks for your patience.

5 thoughts on “Role Assignments in Recon@UVa

  1. I’ve clicked “approved” many times and get sent in a circle of bizarre instructions, e.g. “describe your server” or something like that. I’ve got help from time to time and the helpers have sometimes been puzzled. Why not arrange the approval so that it could be one click on the e-mail I get on my webmail?

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