Thank You! (and an update)

Mom always said that it’s polite to write a thank you note when you have enjoyed someone’s hospitality, so here’s my thank you note to all the great people who have hosted us for the past year. Yes, it’s been a year since we hit the road and started telling everyone about how Recon@UVa was going as we went through development, testing, and implementation. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your help, ideas, enthusiasm, and thoughtful questions.

Some statistics for the October 2011 reconciliations as of today:

  • Total number of Project/Award combinations: 8,382
  • Number of Project/Award combinations ready to be approved: 2,941 (35%)
  • Number of Project/Award combinations already approved: 612 (7%)

Some quotes from users today:

  • “Well, this is better than those other new systems they make us use.” ~ faculty member
  • “It already saved me three days of printing and distributing reports.” ~ administrator
  • “This system will make it easier for me to make my due dates.” ~ administrator
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