These courses are open only to majors in Political and Social Thought.

PST 4850 Core Seminar in Political and Social Thought I

Great political and social thinkers and movements studied from a variety of disciplinary and genre viewpoints. Readings include classic texts, plays, novels, literature, current works of advocacy. Led by the program director, with occasional guest faculty; weekly response essays required. (3 hours)

PST 4870 Core Seminar in Political and Social Thought II

The continuation of PST 4850, with greater emphasis on contemporary works. (3 hours)

PST 4998/4999 Thesis in Political and Social Thought

Prepared with the advice of two faculty members, the fourth year PST thesis is a substantial, independent, year-long project built upon one’s prior study in the program. (6 hours, credited upon completion of the thesis in the spring semester)

PST 4890/4899 Workshop in Thesis Research

Taken throughout the fourth year, this workshop offers discussion with PST faculty on their current research and continuing presentation of students’ developing projects. (2 hours, credited on completion of the thesis in the spring semester. Note: these count toward the overall seminar requirement of 8 hours)

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