As Director of the University of Virginia’s Undergraduate Distinguished Major [Honors] Program in Political and Social Thought for academic years 2012-13 and 2013-14, I am pleased to announce the launching of the new PST Website (designed by Dionisios Kavadias of the UVA Department of Anthropology).

Here, students interested in the major will find it described, and they will also find information about how to apply.  PST’s current students, who are listed on the site, can also be consulted about it.

The site connects to the Program’s recently established LinkedIn group, which is called “UVA Political and Social Thought Alumni,” and which friends and collaborators of PST are also invited to join. The LinkedIn group was established independently of the Director by two recent PST alumni. We hope that it will be interesting to PST’s graduates, and above all to PST’s current students. Although PST is a seminar- and discussion-based major, which puts limits on its size and hence on its alumni pool, its graduates have nonetheless followed a wide variety of paths. They live in many places and are engaged in  a remarkable assortment of life activities.  They thus help to illustrate the possibilities that a rigorous discussion- and writing-intensive undergraduate major, one that lies on the cusp between the Humanities and the Social Sciences, can open up.

I strongly encourage our alumni to join the group: simply by joining, and briefly letting it be known where you are and what you are doing, you help to educate our students into the possibilities and choices that confront them. In addition, you will perhaps get some glimpse into the lives of students today. It is remarkable how much has changed–mostly for the better, but we nonetheless face severe challenges–in even the last half-decade.

I should also note that, on a more informal note, there is a PST Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PSTUVA .  We have lately been putting all our Web efforts into getting this official PST College of Arts and Sciences Website up and running, but there are items that may be of interest on the Facebook page, including some nice photos from our April 2013 Thesis Conference.

Allan Megill, Professor of History and, until June 2014, Director of PST
and Thomas C. Sorensen Professor of Political and Social Thought

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