The University of Virginia is a superb place to study political psychology. With active faculty in the politicspsychology, and media studies departments, with a variety of centers devoted to the study of politics, and with our proximity to Washington DC, UVA now has a thriving community of scholars studying the links among political minds, political events, and political institutions.

Our particular areas of strength include implicit political cognition, race and gender, morality and ideology, citizen competence, and democratic theory.

This webpage is designed to serve as a resource for all faculty and students at UVA who are interested in political psychology.

UVa Political Psychology Working Group
Request for Proposals—Small Election Studies

The UVa Political Psychology Working Group (PPWG) invites proposals for studies of the political psychology of the 2014 election. For 2014, the PPWG has a thematic focus on the intersections of implicit cognition, identity, and politics.

Proposals may be submitted by individuals or teams affiliated with any unit at UVa. Teams may include faculty members and undergraduates, but the primary investigator for each proposal must be a graduate student. We encourage proposals that include members that represent more than one discipline and/or unit. We anticipate awarding five grants of up to $1,100 each.

Proposed studies must involve empirical political psychological research and must have some relevance to the 2014 U.S. election. We are particularly interested in studies that reflect the thematic focus, and explore issues of implicit cognition and/or identity and politics. Beyond those constraints, we encourage diverse and creative proposals.

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