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Fully Searchable Zotero Bibliography

Armenian Stone Carving from the Khatchkar (memorial stele) at Nor Varagavank Monastery, Tavush Region, 13th-14th c., Photograph by Konrad Siekierski

Armenian Stone Carving from the Khatchkar (memorial stele) at Nor Varagavank Monastery, Tavush Region, 13th-14th c., Photograph by Konrad Siekierski.

The Paradosis Zotero Group Library contains a complete bibliography of Paradosis and includes the ability to search the Paradosis books by genre, source tradition, subject, author, and title (and soon: time period).

Instructions for Joining and Using the Paradosis Zotero Group Library

Install Zotero

Install Zotero in the Firefox browser. Zotero will not work in any other browser. Register for a Zotero Account (if not prompted to do so during the Zotero download). Login and open Zotero.

Join the Paradosis Zotero Group

Go to the Paradosis Zotero Group Library. Click on “Join Group.” If this choice does not appear, then login. (If not already registered for a Zotero account, click on the “Register” link in red and login.)

Sync with the Paradosis Group Library

Once you have joined the Paradosis Zotero Group Library, you will be able to bring the complete and searchable Paradosis Group Library into Zotero on your computer. If you have not done so already, open the Zotero pane by clicking on the Zotero logo in the bottom right of the browser window, or by going through Tools>Zotero on the menu. In the upper right hand corner of the Zotero pane, there is a green circular arrow. This is the sync button; press it to have the Paradosis Group Library downloaded onto your machine.

This might take a few minutes, or could happen very quickly; sync times vary. Once the Paradosis Group Library is on your machine, you will see it under the “Group Libraries” icon in the window at the upper left. You will then be able to search and explore the Paradosis holdings in depth.

Only the Paradosis Group Library administrator has the ability to edit the group library. Please contact her if you see any mistakes or needs for additional information within the bibliography.

Search and Explore the Paradosis Group Library

Zotero is set to automatically sync the Paradosis Group Library every time you open Zotero, so the Paradosis Group Library will stay current on your machine . Under “Tags,” you will be able to see the genre, the source tradition, and the subject matter of an individual text. Coming soon will be a time period scheme by which all the books are classified.

Type search criteria into the search box (middle of the Zotero pane, with a magnifying glass) to search the entire collection by tags/keywords (genre, source tradition, subject, author, or title). For example, the search “theology Syriac Christology” yields pertinent results.

Advanced Tips

If you find the time that the Group Library takes to sync burdensome,  switch to manual syncing under “Actions/Preferences/Sync” by unchecking the “Sync automatically” box. Then be sure to press the Sync button (upper right, green circular arrow) every time you wish to check the Group Library for new entries in the collection.

To navigate directly to a holding in the UVA library system, under “Actions/Preferences/Advanced,” choose “Custom” for the OpenURL and paste in this resolver which is specific to UVA: Then click “locate” in the Info window for a given holding.

If you have trouble syncing or run into errors, examine the Zotero Support forums for help specific to your problem. Although Zotero is working well for Paradosis, there have been occasional problems with syncing which were solved after a consultation on  Zotero Support . As a last resort, email the administrator of the Zotero library, Carrie Frederick Frost.