Please join us for #knowthyself from UVa Professor Mitch Green

KnowThyself-logo-cropI hope that you will join us for Know Thyself, a free Coursera online course offered by the University of Virginia!  This exciting course is scheduled to begin on March 4,  and when it opens I will start a Study Groups discussion thread for our members. You will be able to find us by entering OLLI in the Discussion Board search box.  This should be a comfortable place for you to begin discussing the topics in the course, but there will also be many opportunities to discuss your thoughts with thousands of fellow students around the globe if you so desire.

I have been preparing for this course by taking the Introduction to Philosophy Coursera MOOC, which is being given by the University of Edinburgh.  Last week I bumped into a fellow student in the discussion board who said that she was 83 years old.  The youngest person that I have found so far is 14 years old, so you can see that in terms of age, this is a VERY diverse group. Many countries across the world are represented by enthusiastic students which makes the discussions really interesting.

But remember, if all you do is watch professor Mitch Green’s wonderful lectures, then that is fine.  You are free to choose the parts of the course that you want to do.

There will be one quiz a week (that you will have a couple of chances chances to retake), which will lead towards a certificate from UVa.   I am finding the quizzes in Coursera courses a wonderful way to make sure that I am paying attention and learning, but you do not need to take them if you choose not to.

I have been helping with the preparations for this new online course, and I can assure you that it will be well worth your time!  I will be available for help with Know Thyself  by email at ruthk at , so if you need any assistance (or just encouragement) just let me know. ~ Ruth Kastenmayer, OLLI Webmaster

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