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Trenton Merricks is Commonwealth Professor of Philosophy at the University of Virginia. He specializes in metaphysics. He also works in philosophy of religion, epistemology, philosophy of mind, and philosophy of language.

Curriculum Vitae


objects-and-persons        truth-and-ontology        9780198732563



Comments on Van Inwagen’s ‘Inside and Outside the Ontology Room’

The Only Way to Be” [published version]

Locating Vagueness” [published version]

Summary of Propositions” [published version]

Replies to Glick, Hanks, and Magidor” [published version]

Précis of Propositions” [published version]

Replies to Wang, Speaks, and Pautz” [published version]

Do Ordinary Objects Exist? No

Three Comments on Writing the Book of the World” [published version]

Foreknowledge and Freedom” [published version]

Précis of Truth and Ontology” [published version]

Replies to Bennett, Hawley, and McDaniel” [published version]

Singular Propositions

Truth and Molinism

Replies to Hasker and Zimmerman

Propositional Attitudes?” [published version]


Truth and Freedom” [published version]

The Resurrection of the Body

Summary of Truth and Ontology” [published version]

Replies to Cameron, Schaffer, and Soames” [published version]

Remarks on Vagueness and Arbitrariness” [published version]

The Word Made Flesh: Dualism, Physicalism, and the Incarnation

Good-Bye Growing Block

Split Brains and the Godhead

Composition and Vagueness” [published version]

The End of Counterpart Theory” [published version]

Précis of Objects and Persons” [published version]

Replies to Lowe, Dorr, and Sider” [published version]

Maximality and Consciousness” [published version]

Conditional Probability and Defeat

“Realism About Personal Identity Over Time” [published version]

How to Live Forever without Saving Your Soul: Physicalism and Immortality

Varieties of Vagueness” [published version]

Perdurance and Psychological Continuity” [published version]

‘No Statues’” [published version]

Endurance, Psychological Continuity, and the Importance of Personal Identity” [published version]

Persistence, Parts, and Presentism” [published version]

Composition as Identity, Mereological Essentialism, and Counterpart Theory” [published version]

On Whether Being Conscious is Intrinsic” [published version]

There Are No Criteria of Identity Over Time” [published version]

Against the Doctrine of Microphysical Supervenience” [published version]

More on Warrant’s Entailing Truth” [published version]

Fission and Personal Identity Over Time” [published version]

A Dilemma for Any Theory of Knowledge

Discussion of Jaegwon Kim’s Supervenience and Mind

On Behalf of the Coherentist” [published version]

On the Incompatibility of Enduring and Perduring Entities” [published version]

Warrant Entails Truth” [published version]

A New Objection to A Priori Arguments for Dualism

Endurance and Indiscernibility” [published version]