Undergraduate Community

The undergraduate community in Medieval Studies at UVA is a small but thriving group of students dedicated to studying the pre-modern world in all its forms.  We encourage new students with interest in the medieval period to join our community, whether or not they wish to become majors or minors in the program.


Tyler Cox

MeTyler is a second year double major in Religious Studies and Medieval Studies. He is from Wilmington, North Carolina and has been drawn to both majors through an interest in the historical and religious implications of the Crusades. Concentrations within both majors include LGBTQ topics, environmentalism, the family unit, poetry, and politics. He plans to continue his studies with the five year BA/MA program in Religious Studies.


Travis From

Travis is a dtfromouble major in History and Medieval Studies.  His studies focus mainly on the court cultures of the Medieval and Early Modern periods.  He is a transfer student from Northern Virginia Community College where he graduated with degrees in Business Administration and Liberal Arts.  He is also a performer for the Virginia Renaissance Faire where he teaches about important historical figures such as Sir Walter Devereux, 1st Earl of Essex, Sir Christopher Hatton, KG, and Vice Admiral Sir Francis Drake, and their role in Queen Elizabeth I’s court.  Travis plans on pursuing graduate work in the UK specializing in Elizabethan court culture.


Jordan Møller

Jordan imoellers a third year Medieval Studies and Archaeology double major who grew up around the world as an expat kid.  His own experiences with traveling and integrating himself into new cultures has informed his interest in Medieval identity, particularly that of the Norse and Anglo-Saxons.  How did these far ranging peoples think of themselves in the context of their new surroundings and what did those they encountered think of them?  How are these images of self, expressed not only in the literary sources, but also in the material culture.  Jordan hopes to continue at UVA with a one year MA after graduating this year.

Medieval Alumni

Ellie Leech 

18460265332_3e5df84af7_oEllie is a fourth year Religious and Medieval Studies major from Charlottesville, Virginia. She was initially drawn to the Medieval Studies major after a course in Old Icelandic Literature, where she realized the Vikings were historically even cooler than the History Channel show depicts. Her research is focused on the transmission of Christian scriptures and formative theological texts in the early Middle Ages. Her thesis will be presented in the Spring of 2016, and will focus on medieval representations of narratives found in Christian apocrypha. She is also a fellow with the Virginia Center for the Study of Religion.

Rachel Makarowski

RBS pictureRachel is a fourth year, who is also majoring in Classics. Rachel’s research interests focus around medieval manuscripts and the transmission of texts in the Middle Ages. Her thesis, which will be presented in December 2015, concerns the various contexts that medieval manuscripts appear in modern film and fiction, and their function within these contexts. Rachel is also a IMLS Fellowship Program Assistant at the Rare Books School.

Elizabeth You

Elizabeth is a fourth year double majoring in Classics and Medieval Studies.

Matthew Dischner

Lara Howerton

Lara was an Echols Scholar double majoring in Medieval Studies and Classics with a Latin concentration.  Her particular areas of interest included late antique Latin literature, the transmission of texts, and medieval monasticism, as well as the conservation and preservation of manuscripts.

Camille Loomis

Camille was an Echols Scholar double majoring in Religious Studies and Art History, with a Medieval Studies minor. Her medieval areas of interest included liturgical music and manuscript illumination, and Irish monasticism.

Heather Mytelka

Heather was an Art History major with a minor in Medieval Studies. Her long-standing love of Grimm’s Fairy Tales and historical costume dramas initially drew her to studying the visual culture of the Middle Ages. Heather worked with the development of regional differences in architecture and illuminated manuscripts over time as shaped by local religious histories of the former Roman world. She is currently pursuing a career in Museum Studies.

Thuc-Doan Phan

Caroline Plowden

Caroline, a Jefferson Scholar and Echols Scholar, double majored in Medieval Studies and English.  Her love of Beowulf initially drew her to the field and she primarily studied the theological and literary cultures of thirteenth- and fourteenth-century England.  She completed her Medieval Studies thesis, entitled “Unknowing to Know the Unknown: The Role of the English Language in the Apophatic Contemplation of The Cloud of Unknowing,” in December 2012 and went on to complete a thesis for the Distinguished Majors Program in English on legal authority and moral law in Havelok the Dane.

Margaret Tarmann

Margaret, an Echols Scholar, double majored in Medieval Studies and Environmental Science. She worked with the Christian conversion period in Anglo-Saxon England.

Mary Zeller


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