Hello world!

Welcome to your new SHANTI Pages WordPress site. You are reading a sample “post” for your site. You may delete it at any time. Before you do, though, please read the following paragraphs — they are essential for you to help make your site both safe and functional.

If you are using WordPress as a UVaCollab tool, please read the document, Getting Started with WordPress in Collab, before using your site.

If you have any questions about using WordPress, please post your question on the Knowledge Base Forum.

Before you add any content to your site, please make sure you configure the Privacy Settings properly and understand your rights and responsiblities as a publisher on the web. This is especially important if you intend to use WordPress in the context of a course, where you may be having students contribute content to the site or where you may be posting copyrighted materials for their use. These activities may raise intellectual property or FERPA issues to which you need to pay particular attention.

To learn about Privacy Settings for your site, please see our Help Document, “Understanding Privacy Settings in WordPress,” in the SHANTI Knowledge Base.

To learn about your rights and responsibilities as a publisher on the web, please read the guidelines provided by UVA’s General Counsel, “Rights and Responsibilities for Web Publishers at UVa.”

You may add other content to your site by creating new “posts” or “pages.” You may also change the look and feel of this site by changing its theme. For information about pages, posts, and themes, please see our WordPress page in SHANTI’s Knowledge Base to learn more about how to modify your site.

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