Technology Infused Learning Ecologies

photo by Garry Knight

photo by Garry Knight

A Digital Poster Session Featuring Student Work

Wednesday, May 8th 9:30-Noon
Digital Media Lab, Clemons Library
Refreshments Provided

On May 8 from 9:30-12 in the DML students will be presenting work created using digital humanities tools in a digital poster session.

The faculty whose students will be presenting include:

Lisa Reilly, Architectural History On Haj with Ibn Jubayr: Reconstructing the 12th Century Mediterranean (ARH 3103/7103/ARTH 3559), Neatline exhibitions
Lisa Goff, American Studies Women in Media in the Middle East and South Asia, video presentations
Charles Kromkowski, Politics Virginia Elections (PLAP4450)
Bill Sherman, Architecture
Mitch Green, Philosophy Know Thyself, Coursera
Alison Booth, English Literature and Travel (ENGN 4500), Cultural Maps
Alison Levine, French Tell Me More: A Digital Storytelling Workshop in French (FREN 3585)

The Technology Infused Learning workgroup has been meeting throughout the 2012-13 year to discuss ways of incorporating digital humanities tools into undergraduate teaching so that our students can use these tools for their own research and investigations in our courses. We had several workshops in the fall in which we learned about tools and resources available throughout the University such as Neatline and the Digital Medial Lab as well as OpenGrounds. We also had several brown bag lunches where members of the group shared their use of digital tools in current courses. This semester most of us have been incorporating these new tools into our undergraduate courses.

This endeavor was funded by the University Academy of Teaching underwritten by the Jefferson Trust. Lisa Reilly received a fellowship from the Academy of Teaching to develop this workgroup and organize its activities.

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