Alternative Form of Consuming Content

michael2 johnBurns









Michael McCarthy and John Burns, both 3rd year students majoring in Math & Econ, are taking a break from their group study to test out the newest technology available in Clemons Library.  This equipment is located on the third floor of the Library.   Is this an Immersive Listening Chair?  Is this a 21st Century Phone booth?

Stop by the third floor of Clemons and add to the list of possible names for this newest piece of technology we have available!!

Note:  Not fully in service yet!


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“SPARC” Your Imagination – Feb 12, 2:30 – 5pm

designthinking_rotundaCheck out the “SPARC” Showcase of Projects in Arts, Research, and Curriculum for a great lineup of faculty and students presenting posters on their experiences with teach-nology happening at UVa.  It’s a nice mix on online and residential activities. Highlights include incorporating 3D into courses as well as how to build and engage online communities.

Great Snacks and even better conversations!

When: Wednesday, 2/12 from 2:30p.m.–5:00p.m.
Where: Robertson Media Center/Clemons 3rd Floor
For complete details, visit us at

We hope to see you there!

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Probably the World’s Largest Android Tablet

What you see below are scenes from DML staff member, Kristy Haney, using our new Android Tablet.  AND it could quite possibly be the largest Android tablet out there.  Here are the ingredients:

Sharp 65″ HDTV
PQ Labs G4 Multitouch Overlay Surface
PQ Labs iStick – Android 4.0 IPTV
Chief mobile display cart

And voilá!  You have one heck of an interactive mobile display.

andr65_1 andr65_2

andr65_3 andr65_4

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Zspace Demo – Interacting with “Holographic” 3D Content

EVENT: Zspace Demo
DATE: Monday, May 13, 2013
Time:  10:30am – 1pm
LOCATION: Clemons Library – Third Floor – VizLounge

Zspace, a company that creates virtual-holographic 3D imagery technology, is coming to Charlottesville on Monday, and we’ve arranged for a demo of their display technologies.
All are welcome.  There isn’t a formal presentation.  Drop in at your convenience to meet with the vendor and see a demo of their display technology for interacting and manipulating visualizations, simulations, animations, and any content in 3-dimensional space.


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Technology Infused Learning Ecologies

photo by Garry Knight

photo by Garry Knight

A Digital Poster Session Featuring Student Work

Wednesday, May 8th 9:30-Noon
Digital Media Lab, Clemons Library
Refreshments Provided

On May 8 from 9:30-12 in the DML students will be presenting work created using digital humanities tools in a digital poster session.

The faculty whose students will be presenting include:

Lisa Reilly, Architectural History On Haj with Ibn Jubayr: Reconstructing the 12th Century Mediterranean (ARH 3103/7103/ARTH 3559), Neatline exhibitions
Lisa Goff, American Studies Women in Media in the Middle East and South Asia, video presentations
Charles Kromkowski, Politics Virginia Elections (PLAP4450)
Bill Sherman, Architecture
Mitch Green, Philosophy Know Thyself, Coursera
Alison Booth, English Literature and Travel (ENGN 4500), Cultural Maps
Alison Levine, French Tell Me More: A Digital Storytelling Workshop in French (FREN 3585)

The Technology Infused Learning workgroup has been meeting throughout the 2012-13 year to discuss ways of incorporating digital humanities tools into undergraduate teaching so that our students can use these tools for their own research and investigations in our courses. We had several workshops in the fall in which we learned about tools and resources available throughout the University such as Neatline and the Digital Medial Lab as well as OpenGrounds. We also had several brown bag lunches where members of the group shared their use of digital tools in current courses. This semester most of us have been incorporating these new tools into our undergraduate courses.

This endeavor was funded by the University Academy of Teaching underwritten by the Jefferson Trust. Lisa Reilly received a fellowship from the Academy of Teaching to develop this workgroup and organize its activities.

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Guerilla Art – Clemons Art Gallery Inspires

IMG_0414_guerilla_artWhen the elevator doors opened on Friday, visitors to Clemons were in for a surprise.  An anonymous artist installed a three-dimentional art work that certainly altered people’s expectations and perceptions of space.
As part of a student council Continue reading

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Student SPaRC, Sun. March 24th, 6-8pm, Save the Day!

Save_The_Date_700Inspired by the faculty Showcase held in January as well as the newly refreshed Robertson Media Center (located on the 3rd floor of Clemons), a group of students have decided to hold their own SPARC (Showcasing Projects across Arts, Research, and Courses).  The event coincides with  a Clemons Gallery Opening Reception and Showcase as part of Arts Madness Week.

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Here comes ELI (Educause Learning Initiative) Monday, Feb 4 – Wednesday, Feb 6

eli_2013EVENT:          ELI 2013 (Educause Learning Initiative)
DATE:              Monday, Feb 4 – Wednesday, Feb 6th
LOCATION:   Clemons Library – Third Floor – VizLounge

The 2013 ELI annual conference offers over 40 sessions covering a broad range of topics directly related to the teaching experience.  Continue reading

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Sarah Farrell Returns – from Academe to Apple

iPad in use SPEAKER:     Sarah Farrell
“Making Digital Magic: One Professor’s Journey
.                            from Academe to Apple”
DATE:              Thursday, January 31, 2013
TIME:               4:00 pm
LOCATION:   Clemons Library – Third Floor – VizLounge
A reception will immediately follow the presentation.

Sarah Farrell returns to UVa for this special event sponsored by Alison Levine and the Digital Media Lab.  Continue reading

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SPARC to Shine

 EVENT:    Teach with Technology SPARC
(Showcasing Projects in Arts, Research, and Coursework)
DATE:       January 24, 2013
TIME:        3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
LOCATION:  Clemons Library – Third Floor – Robertson Media Center

Sponsored by the Teaching Resource Center and the UVA Library,
this event will live up to its name by Showcasing Projects in Arts, Research, and Coursework here at UVA.

Connect with the latest technologies and methods for exploring new forms of scholarship in course assignments, research, art, and outreach.  Network with colleagues and constituents / faculty and students in an exhibition of effective technological experience.

Come join us if you want to know more about:

  • pedagogical media
  • 3D technology research for education
  • students who develop apps for mobile
  • social media in the classroom
  • authoring iBooks
  • new and exciting visual technologies
  • recording your class

Presenters will be available for open-air discussion at individual stations in a meet-and-greet environment that encourages discourse and the exchange of ideas.

Find out more HERE –

See you Thursday!

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Educause Streams at the RMC – Wed through Friday (Nov 7 – 9, 2012)

The EDUCAUSE Annual Conference (Wed., Nov. 7-Friday, Nov. 9) is the premier gathering for higher education IT professionals. It provides content and exploration of today’s toughest technology issues facing campuses around the world, and convenes some of the brightest minds in the community.

This year’s conference is taking place in Denver, and for those of us who can’t be there, the Office of the VP/CIO is partnering with the Robertson Media Center and the Digital Media Lab (DML) to bring more than 60 presentations to us via live stream. Drop by the Robertson Media Center (3rd floor, Clemons Library) next Wednesday through Friday and view the sessions in the VizLounge on the high density display wall. Continue reading

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Monday, October 29th, Arts Grants ShowCase and Auksalaq Telematic Opera

On Monday, the Roberston Media Center Viz-Lounge will host the 4-VA Arts Grants Showcase that includes the Auksalaq Telematic Opera. Sponsored by the VP/CIO and Vice Provost for the Arts, award recipients Karen Van Lengen, Asa Eslocker, Kim Brooks Mata, and Matthew Burtner incorporate advanced media technologies and art to explore human connections across time and space. Presentations start at 2:30pm.

Date: Monday, October 29th, 2012
  Robertson Media Center Viz-Lounge, 3rd Floor Clemons Library, University of Virginia Continue reading

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UVa’s Best Kept Secret this Semester

One of UVA’s best kept media-related secrets this semester  has to be Panopto’s “silent pilot”. Panopto, an audio and video management system, makes it easy(ier) to record course lectures, put them online, and access through Collab.  Continue reading

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Spotted! Google Street View Car

The Google StreetView car was spotted driving around campus on October 3rd. Here’s a quick shot taken of it from the DML windows. Click here for more information on what the Google StreetView car is and how the technology works.

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Robertson Media Center 2.0 – Digital Ecology

RMC 3rd FloorThe fall semester has started, and visitors to the 3rd floor of Clemons are in for a surprise. Formerly the home of the DVD collection and viewing stations, the Robertson Media Center and Digital Media Lab now host a new set of technologies and resources to support the creation of new forms of scholarship, enhance the undergraduate experience, and allow faculty, staff, and students opportunities to explore emerging media technologies. Continue reading

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… in the comfort of your very own … VizLounge

The VizLoungeThe VizLounge is the keystone of a project centered around creating teaching and learning spaces that foster knowledge exchange.

Continue reading

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A Look at the Future – multi-touch 3D

Portable Stereo 3DIf you’re looking for a new tv or checking out the local movie listings, it’s nearly impossible to miss the explosion of 3D viewing technologies. The library has added 4 new 3D-enabled spaces for both small and large group viewing.
Continue reading

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New Forms of Scholarship – MoCap

Motion CaptureMotion capture is one of the exciting new capabilities now available at the library to advance new forms of scholarship.  As an example, Fall 2012, the 3D modeling and animation course taught by Architecture Professor Earl Mark will incorporate unique and specific human movement into creative arts projects.  Architecture, Dance, Music, Engineering and Drama, to name a few discplines, will have opportunities to find new ways to enhance research and scholarship across multiple disciplines.

Continue reading

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New ways to view information

Immersive DesktopIs it an immersive display? a miniDome? possibly a personal iMax Theatre?
We’re still contemplating names for this newly acquired AV system.  Regardless, it is a display system that spatially immerses the user in the content on the screen.
Non-flat screen technology is still in its infancy and will continue making advances into the main stream.
Continue reading

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3D – It’s Not Just For Hollywood Anymore

The creation of 3D content continues to grow in the movie industry, however, the tools and workflows for producing this type of video content remain challenging to understand and use.  A complete package for creating 3D content now exists, including 3D video camera,  Continue reading

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