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Actor’s Ten Commandments – Cimrmanovo Herecké Desatero

It is clear Cimrman was the greatest of Czech dramatists.

He was also the principal of nomadic theater company Lipany that mostly played his own plays. (The nomadic nature of Cimrman’s company later inspired Jara Comrman Theater to tour with Cimrman’s plays as well. See a map depicting the effort.)

Huge number of beginning and not-talented actors in his companies lead Cimrman to devise his Actor’s Ten Commandments in order to help his actors stay clear from various misfortunes on stage.

Actor’s Ten Commandments are presented in the seminar before Cimrman’s play The Stand-In. Translation of this play available HERE.

Czech transcription of the desatero can be found ,for one, HERE.

  1. Do not drink for courage. Even the part of a drunkard is better played sober.
  2. Remember that on the stage you generally have a different name than in real life. It is good to know the names of the other characters also.
  3. It is best to express strong emotions with your back to the audience. You can best portray both laughter and tears by shrugging your shoulders.
  4. Do not thank the audience for objects thrown on the stage.
  5. After a cue do not repeat everything. Some lines are for other actors.
  6. Go to the bathroom before the performance so that you do not slouch during the play.
  7. If you play a devil, remember before sitting down that you have a tail.
  8. During applause on an open stage do not bow. It is most likely for someone else.
  9. Remember that several doors are simply painted.
  10. Do not eat during meals on the stage. Everything is rubber.

The part of the seminar WITH excerpts from the play showing breaches the commandments edited in.


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