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~Who is Jara Cimrman?

“The world’s greatest writer, inventor, painter, physicist, skier, and philosopher of the last 100 years was the great Czech Jára Cimrman. We may dispute the fact, we may even disagree, but there is nothing else that can be done about it.”

Watch HERE. (From Ladislav Smoljak’s movie “Jara Cimrman Laying, Asleep” [Jára Cimrman ležící, spící], 1983.)
This movie is currently the only movie about Cimrman with English subtitles on Youtube!

One of the 384 reconstructed possible appearances of Jara da Cimrman.

Jára Cimrman or Jára da Cimrman or Jara Cimrman (English transcription) is the greatest man who never existed.Among has achievements is the invention of Paraguayan puppet show, the refutation of solipsism by the means of his externism, almost becoming the first man to reach the North Pole (he apparently missed it by seven meters), and conducting a voluminous correspondence with George Bernard Shaw (who never resolved to respond). Cimrman was the most influential and inspirational persona of his time.

Jára Cimrman is indeed a fictional Czech genius originally created by Zdeněk Svěrák, Ladislav Smoljak and Jiří Šebánek. Jára Cimrman started of as one of many mystifications in the hoax radio program “The Spider Non-Alcoholic Wine Bar.” It was a program that pretended to hold live broadcasting from a well-established jazz wine bar. Svěrák, Šebánek,Smoljak and their friends filled the transmission with fictional news and remarks on non-existent issues. Cimrman soon established himself as probably the only “stable” hoax on the program. From an amateur ice sculptor from 1960′, Cimrman’s character evolved over many and many transmissions into a long forgotten genius from the turn of the 19th and 20th century.

In 1967, Cimrman’s creators established the Jára Cimrman Theatre (Žižkovské divadlo Járy Cimrmana), where Jára Cimrman further evolved into a bold figure of his own stature, and his popularity has been rising ever since. The principal writers of the plays played in Jára Cimrman Theater were Zdeněk Svěrák and Ladislav Smoljak, and they are also rightfully seen as the fathers of Cimrman as he is know today.

The Jára Cimrman Theater is peculiar in that all plays it has stages remain on its repertoire. “The theatergoer can see all the plays of the troika Cimrman-Smoljak-Svěrák that have been presented since the origin of the Theater (viz post Smoljak&Svěrák).” Some of the plays have been played for more than 25 years! Moreover: All the plays have also been sold-out every single night for the whole time! Jara Cimrman Theater is the only theater that’s been constantly sold-out for decades in Czechia….

  • The people who study Cimrman are called cimrmanologists. These are basically the people from Jara Cimarman Theater, who are the authors of most material available on Cimrman. However, any Czech Rep. also hosts many amateur cimrmanologists.

More historiographical information on Cimrman in English can be for example be found on Wikipedia

This weblog (or website) was established with several ends (goals) in mind:

  • To put together enough information on Jara Cimrman so that he would make some rudimentary sense to a foreigner who can’t speak Czech.
  • To map the extent of international resources on Jara Cimrman, i.e., in English.

Other goals (the secret ones):

  • To raise the consciousness level about Jára Cimrman in the Non-Czech speaking world.Untitled-1
  • To help build Cimrman’s international fan base.Untitled-2
  • To bring peace and wisdom all the poor tourists who go to Prague, and have absolutely no  *ing idea who is that Cimrman guy who’s everyone in Czechia talking about.
  • To ponder upon Cimrman in an academic manner; i.e, to promote international scholarly metacimrmanology.

This site is NOT intended to be

  • A comprehensive source of information about Cimrman’s life and his inventions and interest