Notice (7/22/2012): The tour to the UVA facilities is scheduled to start on Friday, August 10th, at 10am. The tour will take approximately 2 hours, and it will focus on the different ROMAC test rigs.

Welcome to the 13th International Symposium on Magnetic Bearings (ISMB13),
which will be held in Arlington, Virginia, USA, on August 6-9, 2012. It is the premier forum for the presentation of new advances and research results in the fields of Magnetic Bearings. The conference will bring together leading researchers, engineers and scientists in the domain of interest from around the world.

ISMB13 will feature several kinds of presentations including plenary speeches, contributed and invited papers, application papers, and special sessions. The objective of the 13th International Symposium on Magnetic Bearings is discuss the latest research on magnetic bearings and to enhance the understanding of magnet bearings technology worldwide.

We look forward to meeting you at the symposium in Virginia, USA.