Case Discussion Guide



Open Case
Discussion Guide


As a group, identify:

  1. Medical conditions involved
    1. Include differential diagnoses
  2. Functional domains you need to assess and how you would assess them (which instrument)
  3. Which medical conditions pose greatest threat to functional status
  4. Other health professionals that might help you gather information, assess function, and help you implement a management plan
  5. Community agencies that might be helpful in management of the patient
  6. Review the patient-centered clinical method below, identify potentially useful (needed) information from:
    1. Understanding patient’s feelings and ideas about illness, functional impacts and expectations.
    2. Understanding the whole person (the person, their proximal context and distal context).
  7. Envision what common ground would look like for this patient
    1. What are the problems that could be agreed upon?
    2. What would your roles/patient’s roles/family or caregiver roles be?
    3. What are goals that might reasonable be held in common?
  8. Identify potential resources to help with medical decision making and medical management.

Identify and prioritize unanswered questions/issues.