Resident Instructions

Open Resident





Station Length: 15 minutes maximum

Patient Name: John Harrison

Resident Instructions:

John Harrison is a 70 years old man with hypertension, hyperlipidemia, type 2 diabetes, and mild renal failure. He is coming to see you for regular follow-up of his diabetes and hypertension. He does not take insulin and has been told that he does not need to check his blood sugar. Lately, he has also had some pain in his feet.

His previous resident doctor graduated, and you will now be his family physician. This is a routine follow-up visit, and he is scheduled for a complete physical exam with you in a few months.

On his last visit 6 months ago: Weight was 91kg which was stable, blood pressure was 135/80, HgA1C 7.0, tchol 174, tg 130, hdl-chol 35, ldl-chol 129, creat 1.4 and rest of comp chem and cbc normal.

He smoked for many years, but quit 5 years ago, and has not smoked since.

He has had 2 normal colonoscopies in the past – the last 2 years ago.

He has had a flu shot this year, and a Pneumovax 5 years ago.

Today his weight is 91.5kg and BP 140/80, RR18, HR 72, temp 37.1. Foot pain: 1/10.


Lisinopril 10mg daily
HCTZ 25 mg daily
Metformin SR 1000mg 2 tabs daily
Glipizide XL 10mg daily
Lipitor 10 mg daily
Baby Aspirin daily

Once you have obtained a focused history and exam, you are to leave the room and complete the checklist on the computer.