Older Patient with Co-Morbidities




PGY-1          PGY-2          PGY-3


Most elderly patients have more than one chronic illness. In addition, many elderly patients struggle with functional impairment that affects their quality of life and ability to live independently.

The three workshops address the following:

PGY1 – Residents will learn to evaluate and develop a treatment plan for a young-old patient with several co-morbidities that accounts for changes related to aging. This will include demonstrating an ability to perform a “diabetes visit,” including assessment of end-organ damage, disease control, and recognition and management of co-morbid conditions, the diabetic foot exam, common physiologic changes with aging, common aging-disease interactions affecting patients with diabetes, prescribing for an older patient with co-morbidities, developing treatment goals, assessing quality of care, history taking and exam skills of a person with a hearing impairment, and local resources.

PGY2 – Residents will learn how to incorporate components of the patient-centered clinical method and functional assessment into the care of older patients. This will include identifying an older patient’s goals of care, prioritizing the administration of functional assessment tools, describing the components of the patient-centered clinical method and comprehensive geriatric assessment as well as the associated instruments, and understanding the roles of other health care professionals who can aid the family physician in assessing an older patient’s function and can help to address functional deficits.

PGY3 –Residents will develop strategies for managing complex elderly patients using the principles of the Patient-Centered Clinical Method. This will include developing a differential diagnosis and management plan, utilizing available functional assessment tools, demonstrating sensitivity to the needs of the older patient, and describing the potential roles of other health professions in the care of elderly patients, as well as available community resources.