Curriculum Vitae/ Contact

Eve Danziger

Professor, Anthropology and Linguistics

100 Brooks Hall, University of Virginia

Charlottesville VA 22903

tel: 434-924-3002  fax: 434-924-1350


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2014 – present. Professor, Department of Anthropology. U. of Virginia.

Affiliated Faculty: Linguistics Program, U. of Virginia.

Affiliated Faculty: Cognitive Science Program, U. of Virginia.

 2002- 2014. Associate Professor, Dept. Anthropology. U. of Virginia.

1998-2001. Assistant Professor, Dept. Anthropology. U. of Virginia.

 1991-1998. Post-doctoral Fellow, Cognitive Anthropology/ Language and Cognition Group, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen, the Netherlands.



Ph.D. 1991. Linguistic Anthropology. University of Pennsylvania.  Supervisor: Ward H. Goodenough

M.A. 1982. Linguistic Anthropology. University of Toronto.

Hons. B.A.  1979. Linguistics and Language Studies/ Linguistique et Etudes de Langue.

Glendon College, York University [Toronto].


Language and Thought

Linguistic relativity, Spatial language and spatial cognition, Cross-cultural philosophies of mind, Conversational gesture.

Linguistic Pragmatics

Figurative language, Intentionality and implicature across languages, Language socialization, Semantic change.

Linguistic Typology

Shifter terms and subjectivity, Morpho-syntactic expression of verb argument structure, Deixis and demonstration, Word classes

Social Practice and Identity

Kinship and social organization, Gender, Childhood, the Deaf

The Maya

Communicative practice, Ideologies of  representation, Linguistic prehistory