Review Questions

  1. How did Disney’s image in the eyes of the American public differ from the

    Here's a handsome picture of Walt to keep you company as you answer the questions.

    personality that people close to him observed?

  2. Do you see Disney’s work as a struggle between equal liberal and conservative forces or does one side seem to have more influence on production?
  3. Which ideas presented in The Films pageseemed reasonable to you? Which seemed unreasonable? How do these theories contradict with Walt Disney’s personal views?
  4. Discuss the argument surrounding the depiction of race in Song of the South. What are the two sides of the argument? What is your own conclusion about how race relations are depicted?
  5. How do the different Lands of Disneyland reflect American values? What was Disney’s vision in creating the parks?
  6. Explain Walt Disney’s original vision of EPCOT. What social problem did Disney think EPCOT would solve? How did that vision differ from the realization of EPCOT Center in 1982?

Review Questions submitted by Maria Cain, Caroline Massie, Ania Giffin, Allison Santo, Erin Turley, Caroline Gottwald, Ava Burke.

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