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  • Athletes vs. Non-Athletes

    *Dr. Bruce Brown, from the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics, wrote an article about the differences between athletes and non-athletes*

    Having read his article, I have broken it down into what I think are the four steps to knowing the difference between those two types of people.

    1. ATHLETES display a quiet inner confidence based on preparation, while NON-ATHLETES have a false confidence, not build on preparation but on factors they don’t control.

    2. ATHLETES bring an enthusiasm for “continuous improvement” every day, while NON-ATHLETES look at any comments as criticism, and often respond with an excuse.

    3. ATHLETES have pride to become as good as possible for themselves and their group of teammates, while NON-ATHLETES’ pride is self-oriented and often selfish.

    4. ATHLETES have personal accountability, looking at themselves first to see where they can act to make a difference, while NON-ATHLETES blame everyone but themselves, fixing their focus on things they cannot control rather than those they can.

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