Brie Gertler

I am Commonwealth Professor in the Corcoran Department of Philosophy at the University of Virginia, and an editor of the journal Noûs. I teach graduate and undergraduate courses in the philosophy of mind, epistemology, and free will & moral responsibility. I’ve recently served in administrative roles at UVa: as Interim Associate Dean for Arts & Humanities (2018-19) and Acting Dean of Arts & Sciences (Fall 2019).

My research centers on the philosophy of mind, especially self-knowledge, consciousness, mental content, and the self.  Most recently, I’ve been working on three topics: (1) the case for dualism, (2) self-knowledge, and (3) the “mind” boundary.  Links to my recent work in each of these areas are below.    My publications (with abstracts & links).    My CV.

(1)  The case for dualism.

(2)  Self-knowledge.

(3)  The “mind” boundary.

Appearances on Philosophy TV:

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