Latinas/os and Nativism

Cover_Citizenship ExcessHector Amaya is an expert on Latinas/os and media. He has published extensively on the subject (see CV), but his most recent work examines the intersection of Latinos and nativism.

His 2013 book, Citizenship Excess: Latinas/os, Media, and the Nation, is the only book length project connecting the rise of anti-Latino nativism after 9/11, with the mainstreaming of xenophobic voices in mainstream, English language, media. The book explains ethnic inequality as the product of nativism in the law, media, and politics. Instead of relying only on theories of race that explain inequality as a “push-down” majorities exert on racial minorities, Amaya also relies on territorial explanations on inequality. Citizenship Excess hence explains anti-Latino and anti-immigrant sentiment as both a pushing down (racism) and a pushing away (xenophobia) that accomplishes the goal of preserving the ethno-racial character of the nation-state. Nativism is here closely entwined to racism and state-formation.


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