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The Washington Literary Society and Debating Union prides itself on being a free-speech society. What this means is that as long as a prospective member meets the more than manageable (and non-discriminating) requirements, they are thereby inducted into the society.

There are four principle requirements for entry: Participation, Exhibition, Service, and Dues.


A provisional member must attend 2/3 of the meetings for a given semester. The exact number will be made known to you by the Vice President.


A provisional member must give at least one literary presentation and participate in at least one debate during regular society meetings.


A provisional member must give back to the society in the form of at least one service activity. What constitutes a service will be explained by the Vice President.


A provisional member (or current member, for that matter) must pay their dues to become an active member. Last semester’s dues were as follows:
$40 = early dues
$45 = on time dues
$55 = late dues

If you are interested in becoming a member, the recommended course of action is to attend a Signing of the Roll meeting at the beginning of either the fall or spring semester. There you can register to become a provisional member (also known as “Provie”) and get help from the members in meeting the requirements.

Be on the lookout for the Chapel Meeting and Humorous Meeting in the weeks prior to the Signing of the Roll event. There you can get dip your toes into the intellectual waters and see if our society is right for you.

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