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Venice City Vision: The perfectly mathing competition for the studio. it is a very open brief and a great jury. the “architecture” addressed in this brief includes and embraces the realms of urbanism, infrastructure and landscape architecture as we look at it in studio.

Let’s submit here and have the studio proposals be seen by a larger audience.


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Questioning Insularity

I’m very interested in exploring the intersecting themes of technical, professional and cultural specialization, illustrated in our class’ wall installation, as a lens through which to view the interconnectedness of Venetian life. I think it is increasingly important for designers to ask how the roles Venice’s residents and tourists may be defined less narrowly.

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aireal wells

amazingly productive and beautiful low-tech infrastructure to harvest moisture out of the air for drinking water use. The Belgium patent from 1927 suggests a structure that provides a “means to recuperate the atmospheric moisture”. Can be applied in various sizes and places. interesting analogy to the venetian wells. We will find a sufficient amount of moisture in the air, when in Venice.

aerial wells

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check out infrastructural opportunism manifestos

The weekend before Eva Franch came down to UVa, she was hosting a Storefront Gallery Event on infrastructural opportunism. 10 manifestos with ten bullet points were presented. It was a really cold friday night with the storefront wide open to snow covered streets. Thanks to the Infranet group who curated the event you can see most of the content on their blog and on several linked other blogs. Definitely worth checking out! Looks like they are the same people that started Bracket.

InfraNet Lab

[Mimi Zeiger presents an Infrastructure of Manifestos at Storefront on 28 January, 2011.]

Thanks to those that came out to Storefront for Art and Architecture on a chilly Friday in late January to celebrate the publication of Pamphlet Architecture #30: COUPLING and to hear provocative / entertaining manifestos as delivered by some of the brightest minds we know. This was part of the series called MANIFESTO and the theme was Infrastructural Opportunism, which came out of Pamphlet subtitle. Through collaboration with Storefront, we asked each participant to include 10 images and 10 (concise) manifesto points on the challenges and opportunities facing infrastructure in the 21st century. This led to a 100-point collective  manifesto. Our dream team list included:

MIMI ZEIGER on manifestos  // INTERBORO on exclusion  //  DIANA BALMORI on realignments  //  PLANETARY ONE on stripping down  //  LYDIA KALLIPOLITI on remedies  //  ANDREW BLUM on tubes  //  JOYCE HWANG on interventions  //  MAMMOTH on expanding fields  //  JANETTE KIM on highjacking  // and we put our money where our mouth is too … INFRANET LAB on contingency

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Welcome to the Venice studio blog!
The idea is to use it for submitting your assignment work plus sharing and posting the research/resources you find. I established a couple pages to sort the work.
You will find a short description on the intent of each page.
All of you are contributors and editors! feel free to add.
To get started please load up your sketch design work in the utopian thought category.

1. After registering (through collab) you can add sub-pages in the dashboard.
choose “Utopian thought” as the “parent page” in attribute to the left.

load images and text that best capture your sketch design proposal. add a short paragraph in describing your intent. Make sure you save images in web resolution- the volume of the site is limited.

Also add insight of the past weeks wall matrix.

2. same idea of adding sub-pages to research category’s.
Post your mini narrative/insight/ interest/ proposition based on minimum of two picto’s of the modernization matrix. please upload pdf’s based on the template with headline caption and image box.

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