Rotunda Eastern Cistern Signatures : 2014.04.11

Subject : worker signatures, University of Virginia Rotunda, eastern courtyard cistern, ca. 1850
Location : University of Virginia Rotunda, eastern courtyard cistern
Feature Type : inscription
Data Collection Date : 11 APR 2014
Client : Mark Kutney, Office of the Architect, University of Virginia
Hardware: Creaform ZScanner 700CX
Software : VX Elements / Geomagic / 3D Studio Max / MakerWare
Description : in early 2014 a 19th century cistern was discovered during the excavation of the Rotunda’s eastern courtyard;  inside the cistern were found the inscriptions of some of the cistern’s workmen;  at least 2 names are discernible – J W Brand and Charles Carter; 4 of the most legible signatures were hand scanned with a ZScanner 700CX;  this required going into the cistern with digital equipment and working off of a ladder for 2 of the more prominent scans;