Our Mission


“A tree lives by its roots. Change the roots and you change the tree. Change the trees and you change the forest.”

Our main mission is to connect both the community at UVA and the community in the surrounding neighborhoods of Charlottesville as well as acknowledge the University’s history of slavery. It is important for UVA to take responsibility for the past and actively work to improve in the future.  Currently, UVA still needs to work on the publication of the history of slavery at the University and on reconciliation for this history.  We plan to have physical components that we serve as  tangible acknowledgments to the enslaved members that built UVA.  Through altering our current tour stops, convocations and orientations, we will carry on the memory of these enslaved members to the members of UVA through education, tradition, and rituals.  To further reconcile for this past, we plan to actively connect with our surrounding community by giving community members a space on Grounds.  Also, as public institution we have an obligation to inform the public about our history of slavery, provide opportunities for all, and have spaces where we can work together with our surrounding community members.




Tatayana Allen- Class of 2020



Barry Chin- Class of 2019



Bailey Fanikos- Class of 2019