3D Printed model of assembled CubeSat

VCC 1U CubeSat

For my Spacecraft Design Class (MAE4690), we participate in the NASA-sponsored Virginia CubeSat Constellation (VCC) mission by designing one of three 1U CubeSat spacecraft alongside Virginia Tech, Hampton University, and Old Dominion University. The goal of the mission is to determine drag properties of Earth’s atmosphere as well as absolute position and position relative to

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Tuff Armenia Project Update

A lot has changed since the last time I wrote about the Tuff Armenia Project on this project blog. Originally, the goal was to design earthquake resistant, affordable, and energy efficient houses for families who have been living in shanties known as “domiks” for the past 30 years because of an earthquake in Armenia. After

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Self Tuning Guitar

The goal of this project was to make a device that would tune a guitar.   Our initial plan was to use an electric guitar pickup mounted to an acoustic guitar to measure the frequency of the strings and use PID control with a servo motor to adjust the pitch via the tuning pegs.  To be

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Aerial Mesh Network Chat Application Sniffing

Background FireChat is a mobile application developed for Android and iOS that utilizes mesh networking to allow users to send and receive messages with each other. The application was designed for circumstances where traditional cell service or wifi was not available. If there is no cellular data connection, the app will attempt to transmit the data

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A Smarter Home v1

Ever since I learned how to program, I wanted my programs to do something beyond just computing some value, running some algorithm or displaying some webpage. I wanted my programs to interact with the world around them. This is part of what brought me into the computer engineering major, and strongly informs my personal projects.

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Homemade Laser Tag

For my project post, I made a homemade laser tag game using an Arduino mini pro with my friend Tommy Muir. This was an idea that he had a couple years ago, but did not have the necessary programming skills to complete the project. There are a few of these homemade systems posted in places like

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