Editing a video game fan-translation

On my own time, I have been (very slowly and sporadically) working on editing the fan-translation of a PSP video game. Back in 2015, a fan-translation was released, but I wasn’t happy with the level of English used in it. There were lots of inconsistencies, nonsensical lines, and weird punctuation and sentence structure. In late

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Proof of Concept

Autonomous Electric Vehicle Charging System

A proof of concept for our Autonomous Electric Vehicle Charging System Acknowledgements: Professor Madhur Behl  (Project Adviser) Jackson DuBro, Taylor Flynt, Grace Lang, , Felix Park Karan Dhillon, Elliot Kim, Shabad Sobti, Ani Sridhar & Cherokee Toole The Capstone team I was a part of presented two semesters of work at SIEDS 2019. Here is what

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