This page holds information about the Study Team Experiment. This is for students in Professor Wilson’s PSYC2600 in the spring of 2016 who are part of a team.

Contact Information: If you have any questions about the program, please get in touch with Katie Densberger at kad7k@virginia.edu or 434-243-4310. You can also stop by Katie’s office in 137 Monroe.

What’s on this site? Using the links to the left, you’ll find information about how to run an effective group, how to use TeamSnap, and the information handout from the day I visited your class.

Good Citizenship. Please be good, responsible citizens of your group. Abide by the Honor Code and be helpful to and understanding of others in your group.

How does the Honor Code apply to a study group? It’s fine to explain concepts to someone else and help them to understand material so that that they can complete homework and take tests on their own. That’s what a study group is all about–helping colleagues learn. It’s not okay, though, to complete homework for someone else or just plain give them answers.



This program is supported by the College of Arts and Sciences’ Learning Technology Incubator.