formal pic 3As Program Manager, Jacob Hardin supervises core staff and acts as liaison between ReinventED, Rethink, and the Center for Teaching Excellence. He is also Director of Communications for ReinventED Lab and a Third Year History Major at UVA. Jacob got involved with Co-create UVA because he has a passion to develop the future of education through student-faculty partnerships.




Erin Cunningham is a Second Year Engineering Science major with a minor in Civil Engineering and Environmental Science. She is the Consultant Coordinator for Co-create UVA, and member of ReinventED Lab.  Erin joined Co-create UVA as one of the first Undergraduate Student Consultants. Erin’s interest in education comes from her drive to make UVA’s learning experience accessible to all its students.




JaredJones_croppedJared Jones is a rising Third Year double majoring in English and Psychology. He is the Event Coordinator for Co-create UVA and a founder of ReinventED Lab.  Jared is interested in student-faculty partnerships, as he believes collaboration is integral to effective education.





StephDoktor_croppedStephanie Doktor is a PhD candidate in UVA’s music department, and she is a Graduate Teaching Associate for the Center for Teaching Excellence. She believes student-faculty partnerships can transform higher education. [Read more . . .]





Bach_Dorothe_cropped2In search for new ways to enhance teaching and learning in higher education, Dorothe Bach initiated student-faculty partnerships at UVA. She works as an Associate Director and Associate Professor at the Center for Teaching Excellence. [Read more . . .]