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housing mobilityNIMBYs and Nomads: Housing Markets and Local Civic Engagement in Japan and the United States

In this new book project, I am exploring the relationship between housing markets and local civic engagements–in particular how differences in market structures governing the buying and selling of homes and movement between rental contracts affect the way individuals get involved in local politics and civic efforts to maintain the quality of their local communities.


East Asia and International Relations Theory

I’m working with David Kang and Ming Wan on a co-authored book project on this topic. ┬áIt is in the process of being revised for submission to Columbia University Press, where it is under contract.

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  1. Owen Waygood

    Hello Leonard,

    This is Owen Waygood, we were in touch a couple of years back about children’s travel in Japan. I am writing an article with a colleague from Japan and I’d like to reference your “Grass is greener…” article, but I can’t seem to find it anymore (online). Is there a link or some reference that I can use? Thanks and I hope to see the documentary soon! (Can I use it in my class?)


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