How can YOU broaden your individual world into a larger network?

I feel like because I am a D1 college athlete at a big school, it would be easier for me to broaden MY individual world onto a larger network. Things that I do are under more of a microscopic scope than maybe just a regular person if that exists. Usually athletes or even any type of entertainers on large scales get more followers on social medias then than the norm, so if we were to try to start some type of movement, more people would see it and we may have more of an effect on our fans and followers than just some random person. We would have more support and because so many people respect college athletes and what we do, I feel like it would be easier for people to follow because they would know it wouldn’t be something negative. Another way for people to broaden their individual world into a larger network can simply be going to college and making friends. You never know what other people know, are capable of, and who they may know or have connections with. College is another way to network of its own. All you have to do sign up for different groups and things around campus or even the community. Becoming apart of new clubs and or even fraternities or sororities is another way to network and build a bond with people that may be a benefit to you in the future. College athletes also have another advantage because we are capable of doing all of these things and having the status of a big time D1 athlete. With being an athlete we have community service and we go to hospitals and show support for the clubs and or other events that  are around campus and it helps us broaden our individual world and or resources. There are many different ways for people to do this, how can you?

Creativity for Social Change

The folks at the Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts (moCADA) say that this place is “more than a museum” and centralize their values and projects in “empowering, educating and connecting people of the African Diaspora.” Located in Brooklyn, NY, MoCADA serves as a community center for the youth and families in the area to learn about their histories and people through artistic mediums and engage their imagination into something positive for their community. How will you use your creativity to incite change in the world?

Let me show you how it affects the whole community

In 1991 Tupac released 2pacalypse that featured the song Brenda’s Got A Baby. As a true storyteller Tupac Shakur narrated the tragic story of Brenda, a poor girl who “doesn’t even know/just cause your in the ghetto/ doesn’t mean you can’t grow.” Tupac recognized the ability to use his music to illuminate ills in his society and convey messages he felt needed to be heard. The late rapper has undeniably left his footprint on Hip Hop that cultivated the environment that has given us rappers of today: Wale sampled Pac for the intro to his The Eleven One Eleven Theory mixtape too assert his desire to be prolific; J. Cole’s “Let Nas Down” acknowledges that Pac was far more than an just a role model. This by no mere accident or coincidence. Tupac used his creative outlet, his music, in an effort to make people think—the first step to progress. While many can argue who’s the best emcee or the greatest album of all time, many artists have used the genre in hopes to affect a change or at the bare minimum draw attention. While I am no emcee, I do believe that the nuance of language allows for the spoken word artist, the poet, the novelist and the blogger to all captivate an audience and evoke change. Time and time again we have seen the musician use his medium as an instrument of resistance. Stevie Wonder refuses to play his music in Florida until the repeal of the Stand Your Ground Law so not only the artist is in protest but the music also takes on a new life form, it becomes a vehicle to effect change. While I am by no means a rapper, I do believe the ways in which one lends and does not lend a voice to a topic is a powerful way to effect change. When it comes to illuminate what affects your community; what method will you use?