Thank God for YouTube

I thank God that it’s 2015 and YouTube was invented because I didn’t have to watch the 2015 State of the Union address live. Instead, I could catch the highlights on one of the greatest websites ever invented and not miss a heartbeat. During President Obama’s speech, he showed a side of him that I personally had never seen before. Thought I not often stick my head into politics, I still seen a side of a president that I had never seen before. In a room full of Republicans, the Democrat was shown respect after his witty joke about how he had won all of his elections. He also brought to my attention how our economy was growing and creating jobs at the fastest pace since 1989, and that our unemployment rate was lower than it was before the financial crisis. President Obama also brought our troops home from the tragic event of 9/11/01, in which I specifically remember had Twitter in an uproar when he spoke about it. To be honest, I was surprised at how many people my age were watching this because Twitter was going nuts at the time. Also, when talking about the middle class Tweets were flying left and right on my timeline because that’s all I follow. Point being, that social media can keep you caught up to a certain extent even if your not sitting in front of a television. Well that, and YouTube.


However I feel that day

Although I plan on never being late, EVER in order to save myself the embarrassment of singing in front of my classmates… I think I would do pretty well when called upon. You know how some people crack under pressure or tend to run away from the spotlight, I think I’d run towards it and embrace the embarrassment. While I’m sure id be nervous and my voice would probably run out a couple of times, I’d enjoy the looks on my classmates faces while I speak words of a lifestyle their not used to hearing about. I take that back, they are used to hearing about the lifestyle of money, cars, and clothes but only on the radio and not from a fellow classmate. The song I’d use would be Pain by Tupac or a freestyle by Meek Mill.. However I feel that day

Okay to say I don’t know sometimes

Wow, If social media never existed…


Lets start off with Twitter where you try to squeeze what you want to say into 140 characters .. where you see what your favorite rapper or athlete is doing.. or where you see whats going on at the Grammy’s or Oscars when you can’t get in front of the tube.. where people post things that they know they shouldn’t.. and people get opinions when they know they couldn’t… Where would we be without it? A hard question because ever since I had my first girl or first taste of an underage drink in high school there was always twitter.. I vividly remember always having a place to say what i was thinking to my friends about the football game that everyone was watching or the new shoes that came out…


Ever since 40 cent lunch there was Twitter’s counterpart.. Facebook. Facebook is now the home of middle aged people who don’t want to graduate to instagram.. also the home of college students trying to hitch a ride home.. home of married people’s wedding pictures.. home of where catfish first started… Where would we be without it? I have no clue, because ever since my first prom in ninth grade I’ve always been able to share a picture with the world along with a strong caption underneath my picture..


Where would we be without social media? Its okay to say I don’t know sometimes.

50 cent and Donald Trump

When asked ” How can you expand your network”, multiple things come to mind. Besides the obvious answer of my generation which happens to be social networking, I feel as if there are a great number of different ways to network.

The first way to expand my network is to use and maximize the current relationships in my life. For example, my athletics department has an indefinite amount of resources, people, connections, and many more things that I see myself letting go to waste. For example, we have a financial AID person, who can tell you how to budget your money any type of way  you’d like (which athletes seldomly take advantage of) who I’m sure has tons of connections in the money department of life. Another person we have is an academic coordinator who we think is out to get us, but in all actually helps us out tremendously. By maximizing the relationship with them, the connections and resources could be unlimited. I’m almost one hundred percent sure they have connections all over in the education aspect because most of them attended graduate school (which multiplies your connections by two) and have had prior jobs.


In other words, using their past to brighten my future is the way to go.


Like I said earlier, social media can “expand your network” but its capabilities are very limited. When it comes to real jobs and life after college, there is only so much expanding of your network you can do because no social media is face to face. I can tweet 50 cent or Donald Trump and more than likely they wont respond, but if I get face to face with them and start a conversation they have no choice but to reply. My generation has gone wrong because instead of saying hi in person, you text them.. Instead of living in the moment, our faces are glued to our phones.. And instead of physically networking, we Facebook…


From Bring it up to Stacking and flipping it

I found myself listening to Bring it up by James Brown and the Famous Flames on the radio the other day, and I was quickly moved by Mr. Brown’s loud and continuous screaming. His voice was so powerful and his energy reached the clouds. I would imagine that if he had a crowd in front of him his energy alone would have the crowd on their feet dancing, moving, shouting and doing what me and my friends like to call forgetting about life. I imagine his live band with drums and flutes flowing magically through the air and him grabbing the microphone closely spitting his every word while twisting and doing dance moves.

During the song he says “All these guys and gals are dressed so clean”. This reminds me of how Holy 1960’s music was; today’s music is nothing like that. Well at least the music I listen to.

Trap music as many people call it today, is not made by J cole,or Jay Z or Nas. Its made by Waka Flocka, Young Jeezy, and a number of other artist you haven’t heard of. Its music thats meant to be felt in the moment, not dissected as a song as the artists I previously listed would be. It’s not meant to see how many different ways you can use four, as Jay Z did in his song 44 4’s. However, when I was in the car and Stacking’ and Flipping’ it came on, I LOST IT!